progressive block concrete mixer india market
  • progressive block concrete mixer india market

progressive block concrete mixer india market

 JS750 concrete mixer is the company's many years of painstaking research and development, through rational design and use the most advanced technology to develop a new type of twin-shaft compulsory mixer, the mixer with powerful, reliable performance, good mixing quality, the majority Customer favorite choice.

progressive block concrete mixer india market Features and Benefits :

1. Mixing System Mixing system consists of motor, pulley, reducer, open gears, the mixing tube mixing device, oil installations and other components. Phase motor and cycloid reducer, reducer output shaft through two gears are driven by two off two horizontal configuration constant stirring shaft reverse rotation. In part by the mixing tube arc welded, stirring cylinder liner insert five kinds, all with countersunk screws and tightening the cylinder connection. Agitator shaft and mixing tube at both ends of the connection have a special seal. To ensure the sealing performance, the end face of the mixing tube of a special oil filter. 2. feeding system Winch mechanism feeding system, feeding the dragon planes, hoppers, feed nozzles and other components. Brake motor through reducer rotating drum driven wire rope through the pulley traction hopper feeders along the track to climb, when the climb to a certain height, the two rollers on the bottom of the hopper Doumen rack into the water on the track, Doumen open automatically, materials through the feed nozzle into the mixing tube. Hopper in place in order to ensure accuracy in the feeding rack with limit switches. Upper limit are two limit switches, respectively, rising from the hopper limit and safety protection. Only one limit position limit switch, when the hopper down to the pit bottom, rope a little loose, strong spring lever mechanism causes the lower limit action, winding mechanism automatically. The lower limit and spring lever mechanism in the head rail. The upper portion of the material can be folded. Bolt connection, can be folded during transportation to reduce transport height. Brake motors running at full capacity to ensure that the hopper can be stopped in any position, braking torque from the motor in the back seat of a large nut adjustment. 3. The water supply system Water supply system by the pump, throttle, cleaning apparatus, spray device. Saving cylinder driven by an adjustable flow restrictor, the total amount of surface water by the electronics adjustment. 4. Discharge System Unloading system consists of six discharge, pump, valve, sub-valve, cylinder, electrical and other institutions. Mixer discharge gate installed at the bottom, through the cylinder to achieve pneumatic discharge. And the discharge gate open and closed positions by adjusting the position of the sealing strip ensures the discharge door seal. JSS1000 unloading the manual lever is a power outage when the emergency discharge and cylinder failure unloading purposes, usually it should be removed, to prevent injury. 5. Electrical Systems Electrical control circuit with an air switches, fuses, thermal relays, short circuit protection, overload protection function. All controls and switches handle air and lights are arranged on the distribution box door, and a door. Outside button has a protective cover. Distribution box electrical components mounted on a piece of insulation board, safe, reliable, easy operation and maintenance. Electrical control power for the 380V three-phase four-wire power supply voltage tolerance of ± 10%, otherwise prohibited. If the user-supplied power supply capacity should be ≧ 100KVa. Surface temperature of the motor ≦ 60 ℃, live part of the shell insulation ≧ 0.5MΩ.

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