Overall mobile concrete mixing plants china market
  • Overall mobile concrete mixing plants china market

Overall mobile concrete mixing plants china market

 Overall mobile concrete mixing plants china market 

Overall mobile concrete mixing plants china market Features and Benefits :

Product Introduction

ZC350 concrete mixer is a new generation of drum-type concrete mixer, the mixing tube is double cone mixing drum, the mixer is forward stirring, reverse the material is self-loading drum mixer, can be stirred semi-rigid plastic and concrete. It can be widely applied to general construction sites, roads and bridges, water conservancy and hydropower projects and medium-sized concrete structures plant.

Product advantages

1. Fixed stirring to dig a pit, so that the hopper port flush with the ground, feed convenience and greatly reduce the labor intensity; 2. The new structure, advanced technology, light weight; 3. High efficiency; The mix of good quality; 5. modeling beautiful atmosphere. JZC350 mixer structure consists of the mixing tube, the composition of the idler and drive train components.

A drum structure

Mixing tube is the main working parts mixer, the mixing tube designed for dual cone, cylinder inside two pairs of high and low blades are cross-shaped layout, respectively, and mixing tube axis of a certain angle, stirring drum rotation when the blades make material hoist and drop, and also the material back and forth along the axial agitation, so more strongly stirring, mixing time 35 to 45 seconds to the material. In the discharge cone mixing drum welded with a pair of discharging blade, change the direction of rotation of the mixing drum, the concrete will be pushed out by the lower blade material leaves then discharge spout. Mixing tube is supported by four roller, mixing tube rotating ring gear box drive via motor driven, and therefore still stable in bad weather. Second, the transmission system Transmission gearbox is the second cylindrical gear transmission ratio is 6.04248, the pulley ratio of 2.3912 tree, ring gear ratio of 7.1111 cylinder block, total ratio of 102.7467. Reversible mixing tube through the motor commutation to achieve. Third, the feeding mechanism Feed mechanism by the hopper, ladder, take a long rail and other track and landing system. Hopper lift and climb turning action, the gearbox output shaft through the shaft of the feed reel drive clutch and wire rope, the clutch lever by a manual control. Upper limit position of the hopper by the stopper, and automatically disengage the clutch. Fourth, the water supply system Water supply system consists of motor, pump, valve and lines When the motor is energized to pump water directly into the mixing drum, and by adjusting the valve to regulate the flow of water (flow rate has been adjusted at the factory fit). The amount of water required for stirring, is directly controlled by the electrical pump motor running time relay box to achieve. Users can flow diagram given time, the time required to select the desired amount of water, and regular check or revise the figure. When the water supply, click a button on the left, pump starts, after reaching a predetermined time, automatically cut off the water supply circuit. After the right side of the rotary button to rotate, click the left button, continuous water supply, promoting irrigation tube, connected to water, you can wash the outer mixer. Pull out the irrigation tube, stirring normal supply state.

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