automatic brick machine price
  • automatic brick machine price

automatic brick machine price

 The utility model aims to overcome the above disadvantages and to provide an integrated hydraulic brick making machine

automatic brick machine price Features and Benefits :


The utility model aims to overcome the above disadvantages and to provide an integrated hydraulic brick making machine, it is mainly to solve the existing mechanism when brick brick large noise, high power consumption, you need to use aids and other issues, so that the a machine without pallet, a palletizing. The utility model can produce all kinds of tiles within one meter, hexagonal brick, lawn brick, slope protection brick, Curb, from raw materials to finished products are fully automatic, easy to operate. The purpose of this utility model is achieved, an integrated hydraulic brick making machine, including the host, automatic transmission, hydraulic control system, hopper, hydraulic platforms, mixers, hydraulic pallet conveyor, pallet boxes, commutation valve handle, die sets, mold pressure head, hydraulic feed conveyor, pallet. Host side mounted hoist, hoist horizontal rail tracks and host a 45 degree angle, hopper located above the pallet boxes and materials hydraulic conveyor, mounted on a pole hosts rack. Die head pipe and the fuel tank is connected through four die sets installed in the host rack elastic supporting means. Hydraulic pressure control apparatus comprises fuel tank and motor pump, motor pump and reservoir via tubing connected horizontally on the host chassis. CNC hydraulic control device may be manually operated hydraulic drive system with electronic numerical control device or automatic control systems. The host can be gantry press or Presses; a drum mixer can be overturned pot blender or mixer; automatic transmission device can also hoist or conveyor belt means; the product is simple structure, reasonable design, light weight machine, noise, save energy, easy to operate.

Our brick machine is the core machine used for producing blocks/bricks. The technology is introduced from German Hess. This machine is automatic and multi-functional. It can produce large varieties and various sizes of products. It can produce concrete blocks, bricks, hollow block, insulated block, solid bricks, paving slabs, interlocking pavers, paving stone, retaining stone, curb stone etc.. You just need to replace the mould. The moulds are designed according to your requirement. This machine is automatic and operated by the PLC controller. The main electrical appliances all use foreign famous brands such as the Transducer (Japanese Panasonic), Breaker and Contactor (Japanese Fujiand Panasonic), Relay and Industrial computer (Japanese Fuji), Button(Germany Siemens) etc. For the motors we adopt the SHANGHAI brand, a famous brand in China, We provide one year guarantee for our motors. If you need motors from Japan or Germany, please do inform us, we can adopt other brand motor and quote you the price accordingly. DESCRITION OF CONVEYOR BELT: The conveyor belt has 5 layers and 12 mm thickness so it is very Strong, thus to make sure it has a long life. DESCRITION OF MOULD The mold is made of 16 manganese, not the cast steel (No. 45 steel), also not common A3 iron plate as some companies) and will be processed by the heat treatment which will prolong its life (the mold can be used for 150,000 times) (MOST COMPANIES IN QUANZHOU CAN ONLY USED FOR 100,000 TIMES)


Henan Dawson Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional concrete machinery equipment supplier. From the company set up to now, our company has been committed to providing customers with professional concrete mixers, concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, brick making,concrete mixer pumps and other equipment.

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