Manual brick making machinery Manufacturers
  • Manual brick making machinery Manufacturers

Manual brick making machinery Manufacturers

 Automatic anti Zoupian means never cut oblique, no adjustment; Stainless steel drum power countertops

Manual brick making machinery Manufacturers Features and Benefits :

Structural features

Automatic anti Zoupian means never cut oblique, no adjustment; Stainless steel drum power countertops, clay automatic place, accurate positioning, to avoid waste dump than ordinary flat countertop Cayou save 70% -100%; Stainless steel push plate surface, the gap wear and longer life 3 times; Automatic anti Zoupian means never cut oblique, no adjustment; Guide angle + guide arc, the wire accurately into the groove, an average reduction of 70% off the wire; High wear-resistant materials technology, the guide rod is hard chrome plating, with the composite guide bearing, resistance, long life; Accumulator buffer to absorb the impact of the return and the return impact energy into pushing blank power; Strength, thrust, a large number used in coal gangue, shale hard plastic as raw materials, semi-hard plastic clay extrusion; For a variety of hard and soft plastic mud clay, silt content for high fuel efficiency and other low-grade soil prominent, too ooze Article shall declare in advance, using encryption roller table; Maximum cutting frequency, 20 beats / min; The maximum length of clay, 1254mm; Maximum cutting height, 250mm (specifying).

Vibration System

For the vibration system, our equipment employs the separate type coupling vibration technology, which can enlarge the effective vibration area by 2 times. This technology not only helps improve the product quality and output, but also it can prolong the mould service life with effect. In addition, the vibration cabinet of hanging type structure can bear intensive vibration, and no damage or breakage appears. Meanwhile, the vibrating shaft rotates eccentrically and synchronously to generate vertical exciting force, which can ensure the optimal material distribution and block molding effect.

PLC Control System

Technical parameters including flow, pressure, etc., can be set via the touch screen. All the electric elements are imported famous brands, such as Mitsubishi, Omron, SIEMENS, etc. Therefore, the control system is reliable in performance. The failure rate is extremely low. In the system, there are three controlling units, all of which are described as below: a. The full-automatic controlling system for the material mixing; b. Automatic controlling system used for molding machine, conveyor, and so on; c. Stacker controlling system


When equipped with different moulds, this automatic block making machine can make any size concrete products, for instance, perforated bricks, hollow blocks, etc. If installed with the material device, it also can produce the color bricks.


Henan Dawson Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional concrete machinery equipment supplier. From the company set up to now, our company has been committed to providing customers with professional concrete mixers, concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, brick making,concrete mixer pumps and other equipment.

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