Dedicated bridge concrete mixer Manufacturers
  • Dedicated bridge concrete mixer Manufacturers

Dedicated bridge concrete mixer Manufacturers

JS twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer is suitable for all types of small and medium sized precast factories and roads

Dedicated bridge concrete mixer Manufacturers Features and Benefits :

A, JS series twin shaft concrete mixer presentation


JS twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer is suitable for all types of small and medium sized precast factories and roads, bridges, water conservancy, ports, terminals and other industrial and civil engineering sector mix dry hard, plastic, mobility, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar, except as a stand-alone use, but also with PLD600 PLD800 PLD1200 PLD1600 PLD2400 concrete batching unit synthesis simple concrete mixing station. Two, JS twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer models    JS series concrete mixer models are mainly: JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and the like;

Three, JS series of compulsory concrete mixer structure advantages


1, with a multi-shaft seal protector and pressure seal protection device, effectively prevent leakage of plasma phenomenon;     2, a unique monitoring system can monitor mixer gearboxes, discharge pumps, electric oil pump working condition;     3, with a special electric oil pump, the exclusive use of four separate pump core are four shaft head directly to oil, without the use of bypass valve;     4, multi-tube multiplex sprinkler system, water can be sprayed evenly;     5, heavy design, stable operation;     6, optional mixer Weighing protection system and microwave hygrometric system;     7, there is 0.5m3 / 0.75m3 / 1.5m3 / 1.5m3 /2.0m3 /3.0m3 /4.0m3 and other capacities available.

1.Introduction of JS500 concrete mixer

JS 500 concrete mixer is twin axis compulsory concrete mixing machine, which has two mixing shafts inside the mixing drum. When the mixer is working ,both the two shafts are running.JS500 can work independently, also can be composed the concrete batching plant .

3. Application of JS500 concrete mixer

JS500 concrete mixer can mix dry rigid concrete, plastic concrete, the mobility of concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and every kind of mortar. It could be used for all kinds of precast plants, highways, bridges, water conservancy, ports, terminals, etc. and construction sectors. This series of products can not only be used as a stand-alone use but also be a mixing console to make up a concrete batching plant with series PL concrete batching machine. JS series of mixers conclude JS 2000, JS1500,JS 1000, JS750, JS500

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