high quality mini concrete mixer trucks
  • high quality mini concrete mixer trucks

high quality mini concrete mixer trucks

 Mixer is a special vehicle, not all car drivers will be open mixer, if improper operation will cause rollovers, motors, gear excessive wear or even serious consequences.

high quality mini concrete mixer trucks Features and Benefits :

Mixer is a special vehicle, not all car drivers will be open mixer, if improper operation will cause rollovers, hydraulic pumps, motors, gear excessive wear or even serious consequences.


1. Before starting the mixer, the mixing tube should be operating handle on the "stop" position. 2. Mixer after starting the engine, it should make the mixing drum is rotated at low speed for about 10 minutes, so that the hydraulic oil temperature to rise above 20 ℃ only after work. 3. Mixer truck parked at the open-air, before loading the mixing tube should be reversed, will discharge water and debris to ensure the quality of concrete. 4. When transporting concrete mixers, to ensure slide hopper placed firmly to prevent loosening caused by swing, injuring pedestrians or affect the normal operation of other vehicles in the road. 5. The shipment Mixed Concrete mixer, mixing tube speed of 2-10 rev / min, during transport, on a flat surface to ensure that the mixing tube speed 2-3 rev / min, with the roll slope greater than 50 road, or from side to side a large road, you should stop being swirled until the road improved after the restoration swirled. 6. delivery time concrete mixer concrete mixing station can not exceed the stipulated time. Transit concrete mixing tube can not be stopped for a long time, to prevent concrete segregation phenomenon generated. Drivers should always observe the concrete situation, abnormal timely informed the control room, to apply to make a deal. 7. When the car is equipped with concrete mixers, dead time in the field may not be more than one hour, such as overtime responsible person should immediately ask to be given a timely manner. 8. mixer concrete slump transported no less than 8cm. From the concrete into the tank to the discharge can not be more than two hours must be removed when the temperature is high, rainy weather temperature is low, it may not be more than 2.5 hours. 9. Prior to discharge concrete mixer, mixing tube should be rotated at 10-12 rev / min speed for 1 minute, then discharge. 10. The concrete mixer discharge is completed, immediately drain the inlet hose with a lorry, the hopper and the discharge chute and other parts of rinse, drain the dirt and adhesive residues throughout the body in concrete, and then To the stirring cylinder injection 150-200L of water, stirring to make his way back slowly rotating drum to clean the wall, to avoid residual material residue attached to the cylinder wall and the stirring leaves, and again before loading these water discharge out. 11. When transporting concrete concrete mixer, engine speed 1000-1400 r / min within range, so that the engine has a maximum torque in the process of transporting the concrete, the speed should not exceed 40km / h, in order to ensure traffic safety. 12. The mixer work is completed, the mixing tube should be cleaned inside and the body can not make the rest of the concrete left in the barrel. 13. mixer when the pump working, prohibit idling, not more than 15 minutes of continuous use. 14. The concrete mixer water tank should always be kept filled, for emergencies, after a winter shutdown, should water tanks, pumps, pipes, stirring barrel of water put the net, and parked in the sun, no water in the place, in order to avoid freezing machinery. 15. The mixer should be installed in winter insulation sleeve, and use of antifreeze to protect mixers, replace the fuel grade as the weather changes, to ensure that normal use of machinery. 16. In the inspection, repair mixer hydraulic transmission parts, should the engine and hydraulic pump in the absence of pressure situations. 17. In concrete mixer adjustment gap ministries, stroke, pressure, should be full-time security staff checking consent; When replacing parts, must be signed by the Minister or the competent manager, or after problems prosecute those responsible.

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