Construction site concrete mixer
  • Construction site concrete mixer

Construction site concrete mixer

 JZC series concrete mixer is a kind of mixer with self falling discharging function.

Construction site concrete mixer Features and Benefits :

Concrete mixer should be cleaned to note the following:

First, the regular maintenance procedures specified projects, maintenance operations, such as cleaning, lubricating, refueling Second, the concrete mixer before starting first check the controller is good, after the suspension was stirred with water and stones into the cylinder 10 to 15 minutes cleaning, then water and shiziqing out. The operator into the mixing tube cleaning as required, in addition to cutting off power and remove the fuse, the switch box and be locked. Third, prohibit the use of a sledgehammer beat way to clear the accumulation in the concrete mixer concrete barrel, it can only be removed with a chisel. Fourth, in the cold season, washing with water after the work is completed and the mixer drum pumps, water tanks, water put the net in the water, so water pumps, water tanks, water pipes freezing.

Product Description

JDC series concrete mixer is the kind of singlehorizontalshaft forced type concrete mixer combined machinery and electric together. Its mixing system is transmitted safely by circular gear. Feeding mechanism employs the winding motor, safe and steady. Shedding mechanism employs the wormgear case spurring the mixing motor to whirl, discharging quickly and clean. This series mixer can mix all kinds of concrete, mortar at any mixing proportion, and are suitable for any middle and small size projects. It both can use separately and also can marry up with batcher to build a plain concrete mixing plant.

JZC series concrete mixer is a kind of mixer with self falling discharging function. The drum is driven by the gearand rack, when turning clockwisely, the mixer will mix, and when turning anticlockwisely, the mixer discharge, the hopper is lifted by a windlass. and the machine equipped with manual discharging handle & vibration motor

General introduction of JS series of concrete mixer

1. JS series concrete mixer is twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer, which can mix dry concrete, plasticity concrete, flowability concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortar. 2. we use high manganese wear-resisting cast steel lining board and mixing blades which is durable and convenient to replace. Working with PLD series aggregate batcher, we can form a concrete batching plant which can be used for various kinds of large, medium or small prefabricated factory, construction sites,roads, bridges, airports and tunnels etc. 3.This series concrete mixer has the advantages of reasonable design, compact structure, convenient operation,stable working, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and long life wearing parts, etc. 4. JS series of concrete mixer we have: JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000.

Our products are excellent quality, reliable performance, complete specifications, widely used. Product quality has been a customer in Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Libya and other countries, the praise and recognition. Major export concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, concrete pumps and related equipment and spare parts. Tel: 0086-371-86108022 Mobile: 15093371337

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