Bridge concrete mixer manufacturers in chian
  • Bridge concrete mixer manufacturers in chian

Bridge concrete mixer manufacturers in chian

 It has a long history, back in the early 1900s, driven by a steam engine concrete mixer drum cartridge has begun to emerge. 

Bridge concrete mixer manufacturers in chian Features and Benefits :

Self-loading mixer

It has a long history, back in the early 1900s, driven by a steam engine concrete mixer drum cartridge has begun to emerge. After the 1950s, reverse the material type and tipping the material type of double cone blender and split drum mixer, etc. have come out and get development. Self-loading concrete mixer mixes the barrel wall radially arranged stirring blades. After the operation, the mixing drum rotation about its horizontal axis, adding mix barrel material, is raised to a certain height blade, falling by its own weight, this cycle of movement, to achieve uniform mixing effect. From a simple fall concrete mixer structure, generally stirred plastic concrete based.

Working principle

⑵ divided by the mixing method since the fall mixing, forced mixing two kinds. Since the fall mixer is to mix in a rotating inner drum stirring, stirring with the rotation of the drum, the blades inside the drum to enhance the mix to a certain height, then spilled down by gravity free. So again and again, until the mix up. This mixer is generally mixing plastic and semi-plastic concrete. Compulsory mixer is mixing drum does not move, but from inside the drum rotary shaft forced mixing blades are set. This mixer mixing good quality, high production efficiency; but the power consumption, and fast blade wear. Generally applicable to mixing dry concrete.

Manner by means classification

⑶ divided manner by means of fixed and mobile two. Fixed mixer is installed in the pre-prepared, based on the machine can not move. It's bulky, high production efficiency. Used for mixing plant or mixing station. Mobile mixer itself with wheels, and the small size, light weight, so good mobility. Apply to small and medium sized temporary works.

A material way by Category

⑷ a promising material way tipping points and non-tipping two. Tilt-stirring drum by tipping discharge, rather than relying on the Tilt-stirring drum reverse discharge.

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