Mobile concrete mixing plants for sale in china
  • Mobile concrete mixing plants for sale in china

Mobile concrete mixing plants for sale in china

 air compressor maintenance: Air compressor is the main gas supply and has a very important role in the gas line system. Thus, in use, to do the following aspects of the work. 

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Gas Road Maintenance

(A) air compressor maintenance: Air compressor is the main gas supply and has a very important role in the gas line system. Thus, in use, to do the following aspects of the work. 1. Precautions: (1) The air compressor should be placed horizontally, fixed, well-ventilated. (2) can not withstand the wind and rain, nor sun exposure. (3) adjusting the air pressure automatic switch of upper and lower limits, the cylinder pressure is too low will lead to slow movement, excessive pressure on the gas system seals negative. (4) Check the oil level, keeping the oil on the dipstick assembly line in between, when the oil close to the assembly line, adding new oil; (5) Check the belt tension is appropriate, when pressed with a finger belt, belt sag 10mm or appropriate; replace the entire group should replace the belt, in order to maintain a consistent degree of tension. 2, run precautions: work, the operator should always observe the operating pressure of the air compressor, must not exceed the rating. Check for oil spills, air leaks, any abnormal sound, if found abnormal, should immediately stop checking. 3. Maintenance: (1) promptly discharge condensate tank after shutdown following the drain valve open, tipped condensate. (2) changing the oil regularly, generally determined by the operation time of the air compressor, every 1,000 hours or four months to replace with new oil. (3) regular cleaning air filter, because the filter is too dirty cause excessive dust into the air compressor cylinder, speed up the cylinder and piston ring wear, and easy to form coke affect the valve sealing; serious can also cause pull-cylinder, blow, causing oil pollution, the impact of lubrication; blow when the phenomenon will produce oil, cylinder walls and piston rings gap is too large, contaminated oil will fleeing compression Indoor and formation of oil mist, contaminating the air. (4) The paper filter cleaning, blowing with compressed air from the inside out; if a sponge filled filter, wash with a detergent to dry) (Ii) the use and maintenance of the cylinder The function of the cylinder pressure of the compressed air energy into mechanical energy. Under normal circumstances, the cylinder valve should be quickly put in place with the power on-off switch; the repeated movement of the piston cylinder, then the cylinder wall and piston lubrication is very important. Usually by lubricator, lubricating oil atomizing air flow after the injection, and with the air into the lubricating parts, to achieve the purpose of lubrication. Work, appear close to the cylinder lubrication oil mist good, away from the cylinder oil mist lubrication is poor. This happens on aggregate storage cylinder was especially evident. The solution is: in the middle of an additional aggregate silo gas line lubricator. For the piston rod can spread a layer of butter to prevent corrosion. Failure cylinder is prone leak, leak leakage and leakage has two internal leakage refers cylinder piston assembly badly worn, causing the piston front blow, affecting the operation of the speed of the cylinder, causing severe switch is not in place; Leakage refers to the end of the piston rod in contact with the cylinder seals badly worn and leak, causing the piston rod response is slow, even reply is not in place. (C) the use and maintenance of the solenoid valve Solenoid valve function is to regulate air pressure, flow and flow direction. The use of a solenoid valve can be composed of a variety of gas way, that pneumatic actuators according to a program designed to work properly. Solenoid valve common fault is the leak, the performance of the solenoid valve in the case of not working (within the standard air pressure), at the inlet side of the two exhaust ports have air leaks. Repair method is the disintegration of the solenoid valve with a clean diesel to clean the parts with a clean cotton dry and apply a small amount of oil on its surface; if the valve piston seals badly worn or damaged, replace with new parts. (Iv) the oil-water separator and lubricator use and maintenance Output from the gas supply means, preliminary purification of air, generally need to go through pneumatic auxiliary components (such as oil and water separator, regulator, lubricator, etc.) before entering the pneumatic devices. The role of oil-water separator is filtered compressed air moisture, particle dust. Therefore, the glass of water should be promptly discharged through the exhaust valve manually; lubricator is a special kind of oiling device, its role is to make lubricating oil atomizing air flow after the injection, and with the air entering requiring lubrication. Lubricator use an ordinary diesel engine lubricating oil. Cup of oil in the oil reservoir to be replaced, oil storage cup capacity 100ml calculated by using the 100 hours is appropriate. The role is to a pressure regulator output pressure and the actual needs of each pneumatic equipment and devices consistent, and keep the stability of the pressure value.

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