china brand Mobile concrete mixing plants
  • china brand Mobile concrete mixing plants

china brand Mobile concrete mixing plants

First check all the security tools is perfect, then clean the construction site, there is enough space. Then clean up the batching machine

china brand Mobile concrete mixing plants Features and Benefits :

Concrete mixing station Migration matters

First check all the security tools is perfect, then clean the construction site, there is enough space. Then clean up the batching machine, cement residue inside the warehouse, pay attention to cut off water, gas, electricity and other ancillary facilities to clean up and remove the electrical, water, additives, compressed air lines. Then began to gradually dismantle the mixing station, follow these steps: 1, removal of the batch layer, stirred layer peripheral boards. 2, removal of the feed layer roof, roof trusses and so the overall structure. 3, removal of the head of the screw conveyor and the mechanical parts and tape machine tape machine truss (demolition should be preceded by the upper rollers and other mechanical parts removed). 4, removal of all equipment and ingredients layer ingredients layer platform. 5, removal of the bay, the control room and control room stand. 6, remove the hopper and the mixer and mixing layer corresponding platform stairs. 7, removal of stirring platform and platform stairs layer below, columns and the like. 8, according to piece demolition aggregate storage and less machinery and equipment. 9, removal powder cans and all of the above facilities, then remove the powder tank bay below. 10, after cleaning all parts in inventory of what these devices in order to ensure complete and intact equipment. 7 concrete mixing station environmental improvements With the increasingly serious environmental situation. Under deteriorating great expense of the environment and economic development of the natural environment in our country. And this year's two sessions, the most stringent environmental protection law enforcement deepening our concrete mixing plants as the common infrastructure, environmental protection equipment industry is also very interesting.

Dust treatment improvements

For concrete mixing station fly ash, cement, slag and dust removal station improvements. 1. yard and back yard aggregate transportation and packaging. Within 2 stations dust-prone points need to install filter. 3. The back yard because semi-closed state, when the installation of dust in the mouth and feed yard field unit installation spray equipment. To create a water curtain dust purposes. The station can be installed high pressure sprinklers, regularly clean the dust inside the station may also play green vegetation watering purposes.

Sewage Improvement

The main sewage cleaning sewage into mixers and blenders and natural rain. Available for collection by the direct supply of rational production and use of sewage treatment and clean use of vehicles and the main station. Sewage water recycling, to achieve zero discharge of wastewater production target entire station. Waste Improvement Waste is divided into surplus within stirred tank waste and waste water treatment sedimentation. These wastes may be subjected to pressure filtration and classification, as an added material in different sizes with reasonable grade of concrete production. Will not have an impact on the quality of concrete, also realized the whole point of the solid waste disposal problem. Noise control improvements Noise is the production of noise and vehicle noise. Production of noise can be designed for the entire station, using concrete enclosed structure, the largest noise control words will be closed in the workshop production, such as compressed air compressor can be purpose-built enclosed room. Part of the increase in vibration damping pads, reduce noise sources. It may be natural gas vehicles and increase the station walls, reduce vehicle noise output for vehicle noise.

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