price of concrete mixer in nigeria for sale
  • price of concrete mixer in nigeria for sale

price of concrete mixer in nigeria for sale

 Lanyards mixer agitator shaft torsional strength according to the design, synthesis using a torque and bending moment strength check. 

price of concrete mixer in nigeria for sale Features and Benefits :

Calculation of strength agitator shaft mixer

Lanyards mixer agitator shaft torsional strength according to the design, synthesis using a torque and bending moment strength check. Stirred by a larger bearing torque, so stirring shaft body with hollow shaft (seamless steel pipes instead), made of 20 high-quality carbon structural steel, carbon steel upper and lower ends 35 solid shaft, welding firm, up and down the vertical axis 35 Carbon steel, upper part of the vertical shaft sleeve coupling connection, easy to manufacture installation and maintenance, the lower link with clamp coupling for bearing maintenance. Steel shaft length 5 125 mm, the main part of V168mmx14mm, L = 4 750 mm, both ends of the minor suits, suits at a size of (b 145H8 / h7, after the suit Figure circumferential weld, fillet weld high 10 2. For the Set firmly Processing 4- 28 mm in the hole, and after welding steel shaft end suits. After minor and seamless welding, the overall processing of both ends of the shaft Yi, leaving the processing of more than pots 0.5 mm. Computational analysis (calculation omitted), (D 168 x 14 mm seamless two-axis and a solid shaft strength fully meet the strength requirements through.

Mixer installation should pay attention to what

Mixers simple structure, but installation can not be taken lightly, because the installation of their quality, will affect the life and operating results stirrer, so installed mixer is a very important job. Installation should pay attention: (1) First qualifying mixer should be installed on concrete base. During installation, calibration levels should be sure the mixer can be long-term stable operation, in addition to leaving the machine enough space for operation and maintenance, but also to other related equipment with sufficient distance, can not affect the operation of other equipment and maintenance . (2) v-shaped pulleys installation. Standard requirements: size V-shaped pulleys after installation, wheel width relative displacement plane symmetry center distance shall not exceed 2% o; parallel axis is not more than 6% o. So be sure to check the installation requirements, you can use a ruler or pull to check the size of the V-shaped end surface of the pulley relative displacement movement motor track if necessary. So that the end face of the two V-shaped pulleys kept in the same plane. V-belt should also have adequate initial tension, usually in the middle with the thumb can press a belt thickness can be. Only the correct installation of equipment in order to make the device work properly. In order to better play to the performance of equipment, improve its efficiency in production to note: (1) shall be in strict accordance with safety procedures of operating equipment; (2) regular checks of the adequacy of oil lubrication points, each fastener is solid; (3) constant attention to equipment operation sound and exhibition action, the temperature of the bearing and the motor is normal;

Horizontal mixer Problems

Two existing horizontal mixer, bearing shoulder the entire load of the machine, so good lubrication and bearing life of a great relationship, or even directly affect the life and the operation rate of the machine, thus requiring injection of oil must be clean , must be well sealed. Existing equipment is every horizontal mixer consists of four rows of the rolling roller support role to play, each of the two roller bearing type 310, installed in a fixed bearing on both sides of the idler shaft with roller rotation. Existing roller difficult to manufacture spare parts and replacement extremely inconvenient, consuming hours. And because the two bearing distance, concentricity adjustment difficult, concentricity adjustment is not good, likely to cause bearing discontinuity, accelerate its intake bad. And original roller lubrication is hanging drip oiler, poor lubrication, resulting in rapid wear roller, and the oil can not be fully utilized, fuel consumption is relatively large.

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