DASION Batching Plant for sale
  • DASION Batching Plant for sale

DASION Batching Plant for sale

 Concrete mixing station consists of mixing console, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage and control systems and other five major systems and other ancillary facilities components

DASION Batching Plant for sale Features and Benefits :

Concrete mixing station consists of mixing console, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage and control systems and other five major systems and other ancillary facilities components. Since the Aggregate Measurement aggregate compared with metering station, reducing the four intermediate links, and is a vertical cutting measure, saving measurement time, thus greatly improving the efficiency of production, under the same type of situation, the productivity ratio mixing plant mixing plant productivity increased by one third. For example: Productivity HLS90 floor equivalent productivity HZS120 stations, production efficiency HLS120 floor HZS180 stations equivalent productivity, production efficiency HLS180 floor equivalent productivity HZS240 station.

The main advantage

> Excellent performance

Twin-shaft compulsory mixer mixing ability, uniform mixing quality and high productivity. For dry hard, semi-hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete mixing good effect. Lubrication system, the spindle drive system are using a full set of imported, its hydraulic discharge door open mechanism can be adjusted according to the degree of opening required. Mixing console mix-axis anti-blocking technology to effectively prevent cement caking on the shaft, shaft seal with a unique multi-sealed structure, effectively prevent mortar leakage and ensure the continued long-term operation of the entire mixing system. Cleaning system uses high pressure water pump automatic control and manual control, Each water hole just above the stirring shaft, the stirring improve efficiency and increase water mist to reduce dust pollution and effectively remove cement agglomeration.

> Environmental Performance

All of the powder materials from the materials, ingredients, measuring, stirring the material is fed in a closed state. Blender lid, metering cement warehouse, fly ash measurement positions are connected to the dust discharge pipe filter, aggregate filler panels set up dust resistance, thereby reducing dust emissions. Closed stirring the main building and belt conveyor structure, greatly reduces the dust and noise may pollute the environment. Negative pressure dust removal and special fiber cloth, so that dust produced when the feed completely into the dust and not spread to the surrounding, and the collected dust can be recycled conveniently and effectively protect the environment. Users can also choose to import dust removal system.

> Reliability

Stirring blades unique high chromium high manganese alloy wear-resistant materials, shaft bearing and seal in the form of a unique multi-sealed, which greatly improved the host's reliability. For often affected by the impact of the vulnerability, such as: discharge hopper, etc. transition bucket with wear-resistant steel reinforcement in the inside portion; ring belt curing adhesive joints, the right to use the service life increased by 3 times more than ordinary steel riveted. > Good stirring performance: The whole site equipment maintenance and repair or maintenance ladder with a platform to facilitate inspection and maintenance operations, cleaning with a host of red pumps and manual operation of the two devices. Platform floor structure and aggregate conveyor belt fully enclosed structure, to ensure that all operations can be carried out regardless of the weather. Using closed-form belt, the lower has overflow outlet, can effectively prevent and sand scattered everywhere. Belt tension using heavy vertical structure, eliminating the production process of adjustment operations.

> Operating System

The machine adopts computer control, automatic control can also be manually operated, easy to operate. Dynamic panel display mixing station (House) operation of the various components, and can store mixing station (House) in a variety of data, print various reports as required data, store recipe up to 30,000 or more. Control rooms are spacious and bright, nice, and equipped with air conditioning, electrical components can ensure durable, stable and sustainable and reliable performance. The control system uses a unique dual-Office of the State in the form of dual control, machine control and management of data between machines sharing control machine failure can be converted to managed machines work, the maximum to ensure the continued normal operation of the system. Host key components in the discharge port, batching station can set a surveillance camera.

> Electronic Control System Introduction

Electronic Control system uses dual-dual control form, that system is composed of two high-performance industrial computers, one as the master production system, the other one as a management and monitoring system (master production machine doubles as a backup machine), using special ingredients control instrumentation components. As a host computer system, with manual and automatic functions. Industrial computer via an external sampling, has been calculated, comparison, processing, output to control external drive components, thus truly a mixing station (House) computer control. Management and monitoring computer system as a set of electronic control system backup system in case the primary computer problem occurs, the user can select the backup machine is working, Do any time to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and will not affect your production. The system has a print statistical production reports, monthly reports, on-line detection and monitoring role. Also has troubleshooting assistance system guides the user maintenance. Manual button console panel system, to be completed ingredient automatic control, unloading, manual control of the concrete. Various electrical components are from well-known international companies, such as: Schneider, Siemens, Omron, Philips, Mitsubishi, Toledo, etc., effective guarantee the stability of the electrical control system.

Mixing Plant Twin-control form

> Performance Measurement

Whether aggregate, powder or agent of weighing, its weighing, control, signal conversion element, are using imported components, high-precision sensors, imported computer control, each individual weighing scales (or cumulative weighing), complete and ensure stable and accurate performance measurement.

> Weighing system

Cement, fly ash and other powder by the screw conveyor to a weighing hopper metering hopper discharge valve imported Italian, sealed tight, reliable action. Water and liquid additive with pneumatic butterfly valves and ball control, seal tightly, and prompt action to ensure the weighing accuracy. Pressurized water into the mixer through the booster injection, the water is mixed with spices and faster and more thorough cleaning. > Stirring Main:

> Stirring Main

H beam as a main beam, structural stability solid, vibration and strong. Building of cable and pipe arrangement using special wiring groove, clean and beautiful but also conducive to the protection of cables, using pressure-type outer envelope color plate, nice. Can be added as needed insulation layer to adapt to the cold northern weather.

> Delivery device

It may be provided with three to five aggregate storage, the lower aggregate storage for individual and aggregate aggregate weighing hopper release belt as required. With a loader or belt conveyor to feed aggregate silo. Steel silo can be designed. The lower part of a small warehouse Optional less moisture meter. Aggregate enhance inclined belt conveyor is responsible for the transition to aggregate storage silo, inclined belt tension using a heavy hammer, reliable transmission angle ≤18 °, may also be herringbone or troughed belt or bucket elevator on expected to reduce the footprint.

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