portable concrete pump machine
  • portable concrete pump machine

portable concrete pump machine

 Control concrete pump electrical control system there are five mechanical, hydraulic, electro-mechanical electrical control type, the programmable controller type, logic-controlled. 

portable concrete pump machine Features and Benefits :

Concrete pump operating system and performance:

Control concrete pump electrical control system there are five mechanical, hydraulic, electro-mechanical electrical control type, the programmable controller type, logic-controlled. In addition to installing the concrete pump electrical control system to complete the control tasks, manual control is also equipped with the operating system, it is also part of the system of control. If mechanical manipulation, generally bar system controls and flexible shaft steering mechanism in two ways. If you compare the two is not difficult to find, flexible shaft control mechanism have more advantages, such as layout flexibility, high transmission efficiency, transition joints and small air travel less convenient travel regulation, so concrete pump control system The main shaft is to select the operating mechanism. According to actual needs, in truck's operating system should be able to achieve variable speed operation, and enables the joystick to stop at any position locking mechanism is operated stepless critical devices, generally you can use the disc springs or spring board. For ease of operation, joystick are designed to be installed at a convenient location, such as Putzmeister BSF36.09Z type pump, which controls the engine speed joystick mounted on the side of the ladder, the operation is very convenient. Concrete pump control system is mainly used to control the main pump flow and engine speed, thereby changing the concrete pump truck emissions. Such as the use of hydraulic control, it can get power directly from the hydraulic drive pump pumping systems, and to achieve through manual hydraulic control valve. There is a close relationship with the properties of concrete, while paying attention to the details of the rules in the course of operation, the timely detection and timely troubleshooting to improve pump efficiency. There are two methods to clean water pipes and gas wash. Whether water or air wash, should the valve housing and hopper clean. When washing, the water soaked cement bags and tied into a cylindrical cleaning ball has been put into clean cone tube, connected to the cone, pipe, close the discharge door, hopper filled with water again (to be kept Water constantly). Pumping water until cleaning ball out from the tip of the delivery tube so far. Gas wash or compressed air purging, is the first water-soaked cleaning ball into the air purge fitting, connect the first phase with adjustable pipe root straight, and at the end of the pipe connected to the safety cover, safety cover opening to down. Control air pressure does not exceed 0.8MPa, slowly open the valve when the concrete can flow smoothly before opening the air valve.

History records the birth

The late 1960s, the introduction of 16 meters Putzmeister boom pump, 1998, SANY successfully developed China's first with independent intellectual property rights of 37 m boom pump, break the foreign brands on the Chinese market monopoly [1]. Development of In 1986, Putzmeister developed the world's longest boom pump 62 meters birth. All told, the Germans with nearly two decades, the boom lift height of nearly 40 meters. And again this record refresh, and wait for the full 20 years, this time the protagonist has become China enterprises. In 2007, Sany pioneered in the industry 66 m boom pump, Putzmeister leapfrogged to become the world's longest boom pump manufacturer. Year, Trinity 66 m boom pump also won the world's longest boom pump of the Guinness Book of World Records. It is worth mentioning that this is the first Guinness Book of Records China's construction machinery industry. In 2009, Trinity refresh the record of his own creation, pump arm length increased to 72 meters, the station created a boom length of the pump in the world, the amount of concrete delivery truck two world records in the world. In 2011, Sany self-developed pump 86 meters off the assembly line successfully, once again broke the world record. Just two years, from a 72 meters to 86 meters across. At that time, Sany 86 m truck has achieved three highest in the world - the longest boom, boom maximum number of sections, the maximum pumping capacity. Just a few years time, Trinity achieve a world record height of the boom truck "triple jump." November 2012, Trinity 86 m pump Shanghai construction, as the world's longest boom pump can be used for the construction site, 86 m pump has kept pumping distance 82 m horizontal pump and 240m³ / h pumps Displacement sent world record. [2] 2013, Trinity Fusion Putzmeister 55 years of scientific and technological achievements and core technology, pioneered the world's first mobile mortar equipment A8 master mortar, mortar for building construction industry has brought an unprecedented "industrial revolution." [3] 2013, Sany "Long Boom concrete pump technology and application," won the 2012 State Technological Invention Award second prize.

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