1 yard concrete mixer
  • 1 yard concrete mixer

1 yard concrete mixer

 Concrete mixer is the cement, gravel aggregate and water are mixed and mixed into the concrete mix machinery. Mainly by the mixing tube, feeding and discharge mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission, chassis and bearing devices and other components. 

1 yard concrete mixer Features and Benefits :

Concrete mixer is the cement, gravel aggregate and water are mixed and mixed into the concrete mix machinery. Mainly by the mixing tube, feeding and discharge mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission, chassis and bearing devices and other components. Structural features Biaxial mixer mainly consists of housing, screw shaft assembly, drives, piping, cover, chain cover and other components (see random outside for map), the specific

structural characteristics are as follows:

1housing is mainly composed of sheet metal and steel, welding forming at the factory, and assembled with other components, the biaxial mixer support. Case sealed tight, there will be outside the Yang ash ash leakage phenomenon. 2 screw shaft assembly is a major component of the biaxial mixer, which is part of the main spin around the screw shaft, bearing, bearing sleeves, bearing caps, gears, sprockets, oil cups, blades and other components.

Spin around the screw axis high precision manufacturing, process performance, and bearing, bearing sleeves, bearing cover with strict requirements. Gear modulus of 8, 60 teeth, tooth angle of 20 °; sprocket pitch of 50.8, 25 teeth, tooth for the GB1224-85. Gears, sprockets have shield protection, safe and effective operation. Oil cup is press-fit pressure oiling cup, filling oil convenient and effective. Biaxial mixer blade material selection and less wear-resistant composite ceramic sticky ash. Leaves reasonably simple design, easy to replace after wear, long service life.

3 Add water to wet piping mainly by the takeover, fittings and nozzles. Stainless steel cone nozzle spray nozzle disposed above the internal mixer casing, axially aligned along the helical axis, in order to facilitate the formation of the humidifying curtain material was stirred. Simple nozzle structure, easy to replace, stainless steel, corrosion and durable. By operating the manual control valve on the water supply pipe can adjust the moisture content of wet ash. 4 cover includes left cover, intermediate cover, right cover, manhole covers and manhole cover. Biaxial mixer provided on both sides with six manholes, to facilitate the operation and maintenance personnel overhaul usual. Biaxial mixer for pneumatic conveying end.


The breakdown showed three kinds of situations: First, the deviation to the same side of the conveyor belt are under no-load and load conditions, ie, transverse centerline deviation conveyor, conveyor belt material less biased side; the second is the conveyor belt left, Right deviation and no fixed direction; the third is in the middle of the entire conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor deviation.

Basic injustice, Pinto roll sticky material, grooved rollers about unbalanced and active and passive roller conveyor regulate unbalanced unit may cause deviation. If you are wandering to the same side of the conveyor belt in the case of the no-load and load, indicating the tightness of the belt is not the same on both sides of the rack or uneven. In this case, the rack infrastructure should first leveling, clearing sticky material Pinto roller, adjustment screw or counterweight tensioning mechanism. If the belt about deviation no fixed direction, then the belt slack, adjust the tensioning mechanism. If the belt conveyor in the middle of deviation, can be corrected by adjusting the position of roller group, shown in Figure 1. Adjustment: If the conveyor belt to one side, the side should conveyor idlers lateral move forward direction, the other side can also be moved back idlers (or the other side of the roller stand heightening appropriate) . Return idlers and carrying idlers adjusted the same way. For long belt conveyor system, adjust roller group is very effective. Idler pulleys adjustment is an important part of the belt deviation adjustment, the mounting position of the drum must be perpendicular to the conveyor conveying direction of the center line, or deviation inevitable. 2, if the belt deviation to its right side, it should be on the right side of bearing advance (or move left rear bearing); if the belt deviation to the left side of the drum, you should forward on the left side of the bearing (or right after bearing shift).

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