concrete pump for sale uk
  • concrete pump for sale uk

concrete pump for sale uk

 To ensure the normal operation of equipment, construction is not wrong to require the operator to pre-construction, construction of ground inspection, ground maintenance.

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Concrete pump maintenance

To ensure the normal operation of equipment, construction is not wrong to require the operator to pre-construction, construction of ground inspection, ground maintenance.

1. Routine maintenance

(1) Check hydraulic oil level, oil, oil should be light yellow transparent, non-emulsified or turbidity, or should be replaced. (2) filled with grease, water tank 2/3 water and 1/3 hydraulic oil or oil. (3) Check the cutting ring, glasses, plates gap should be normal (maximum gap 2mm) (4) Check lubrication system works, you should see progressive distributor indicator rod back and forth action, S pipe arm end bearing location, location stirring shaft bearing lubricating oil spill lubrication points. Manual lubrication points each class should be filled grease. (5) Check the dispensing valve commutation, reversing stirring device is operating normally. (6) Check whether there is leakage of hydraulic systems, oil leakage. (7) Check all screw connection, ensuring solid connection.

2. Engine Maintenance Considerations

Repair and maintenance (1) lubrication system The first oil change 40 hours of work Oil change cycle should be based on quality and the use of oil may be If you work fewer hours a year in the engine, at least once a year must change oil The temperature is below -10 ℃ environment, oil change intervals should be shortened by half Note: oil change, the engine at a standstill! Heat engine (oil temperature at about about 80 ℃


(2) air filter repair and maintenance Environment and air filter size of the intake air quality and work of a great relationship, if too much dust filters should be bold. So cleaning cycle can not be generalized. If it is dry type air filter, or only when the dust indicator lights up after it necessary to clean. The following cases, air filters need to be cleaned: You can see the red indicator within 1 (when the engine is shut down) Maintenance switch yellow light (engine running

(3) The Winter Diesel Temperature is low, the wax will precipitate can clog diesel systems, resulting in failure and other problems, while less 0 ℃, use winter diesel fuel, usually gas station before the onset of winter have winter diesel supply (when the temperature is below -20 ℃). When the temperature is below -20 ℃, can be added to diesel fuel kerosene. In most cases, flow improving agent may be added to reduce the flow resistance.

Gas pipeline wash work steps

a. the line should be equipped with stop valve, stopping the flow plate should be plugged to prevent vertical or inclined pipe concrete back. b. Place the concrete straight first root canal orifices pulled out some connected gas wash fitting, joints should advance into the water-soaked sponge balls, put on the joint, the exhaust valve and compressed air hose. c. fitted with safety cover end of the pipe, in order to avoid concrete spray wounding. d. Slowly open the air inlet valve, the compressed air will be pushed out of sponge balls and concrete, if the line is equipped with stop valve, should hit in the pass position, then open the valve. e. When the line of concrete have been evacuated, and sponge balls have been fired immediately when the air wash is completed. Then compressed air inlet valve should be closed, and then dismantle the various fittings.

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