Germany concrete pumps manufacturer
  • Germany concrete pumps manufacturer

Germany concrete pumps manufacturer

 Repair and maintenance (1) lubrication system The first oil change 40 hours of work Oil change cycle should be based on quality and the use of oil may be If you work fewer hours a year in the engine

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2. Engine Maintenance Considerations

Repair and maintenance (1) lubrication system The first oil change 40 hours of work Oil change cycle should be based on quality and the use of oil may be If you work fewer hours a year in the engine, at least once a year must change oil The temperature is below -10 ℃ environment, oil change intervals should be shortened by half Note: oil change, the engine at a standstill! Heat engine (oil temperature at about about 80 ℃


(2) air filter repair and maintenance Environment and air filter size of the intake air quality and work of a great relationship, if too much dust filters should be bold. So cleaning cycle can not be generalized. If it is dry type air filter, or only when the dust indicator lights up after it necessary to clean. The following cases, air filters need to be cleaned: You can see the red indicator within 1 (when the engine is shut down) Maintenance switch yellow light (engine running

(3) The Winter Diesel Temperature is low, the wax will precipitate can clog diesel systems, resulting in failure and other problems, while less 0 ℃, use winter diesel fuel, usually gas station before the onset of winter have winter diesel supply (when the temperature is below -20 ℃). When the temperature is below -20 ℃, can be added to diesel fuel kerosene. In most cases, flow improving agent may be added to reduce the flow resistance.

3. The use of hydraulic oil and replace

Hydraulic oil consumption: Tank capacity 560 liters Hydraulic oil Grade: Great Wall L-HM46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, performance indicators as follows: Oil Grade name filtering accuracy (μm) Great Wall brand anti-wear hydraulic oil L-HM46 20 (1) The machine should use the recommended grade of hydraulic oil, can not use other brands, but can not mix two brands. (2) hydraulic oil temperature should be controlled between 35-75 ℃. When the oil temperature is higher than 45 ℃, open the cooling fan motor; below 40 ℃, cooling the motor may not start. (3) The oil level should be at least three-quarters of the oil level gauge, otherwise fill. (4) The oil should be clear with a light yellow color, if discolored, cloudy or emulsification, it should be replaced. Quality (5) hydraulic oil pump a great impact on the general pumping oil change once completely around 10000 m3, and clean the tank.

4. Grease

Grease: Summer with 00 non-extreme pressure semi-fluid lithium grease; winter with a non-extreme pressure semi-fluid lithium grease No. 000. The machine should use the recommended grade of grease.

Easy to block the pump's location and troubleshooting Clogged dispensing valve at the discharge port

A gate blocked, usually abruptly interrupted pumping system operation, and there is a strange noise, strong vibration equipment, but no corresponding vibration in the pipeline. Remedy: Pour water into the hopper mud, repeated forward and backward start the pump, forcing the passage is open. If this method is not dare, only artificial exclude, remove pipe connected, remove debris inside the valve. Clogged inlet at Inlet blockage, usually a pumping action and hydraulic systems are normal, no abnormal noise and vibration, the hopper has a large aggregates or agglomerates, stuck or arch in the feed throat. Remedy: reverse operation of the pump in order to destroy agglomerates, the concrete hopper back again stirring, then the forward pumping. If they do not, they need to manual cleaning, be excluded.

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