China Brand High Efficiency Forced Hydraulic Concrete Mixer
  • China Brand High Efficiency Forced Hydraulic Concrete Mixer

China Brand High Efficiency Forced Hydraulic Concrete Mixer

 should be parked in a dry room. Forced parked outside, should choose a flat ground and covered with wood. After the park covered with drop cloths.

China Brand High Efficiency Forced Hydraulic Concrete Mixer Features and Benefits :

Concrete pump how to properly store:

1. should be parked in a dry room. Forced parked outside, should choose a flat ground and covered with wood. After the park covered with drop cloths.     2. Before long-term storage, to be on mechanical maintenance, repair damaged parts, and its thoroughly clean and maintain good technical condition.     3. In the parking space of the arrangement and the arrangement should ensure that any one machine out are not affected by other machinery.     4. shall mechanical fuel control lever to idle position, each lever in neutral position.     5. The engine of custody.     ① let go of the cooling water inside the engine.     ② replace the engine oil. The new oil is usually neutral, the engine will not corrode metal parts.     ③ fill diesel fuel tank to prevent the fuel tank from rusting. If conditions permit should join a preservative.     ④ during engine shutdown should start once a month, make machinery for short distances, so that all parts of the establishment of a new lubricating oil film to prevent rust. It should be noted: to be filled before the start of cooling water, cooling water should be exhausted end.     6. The storage battery.     ① should remove the battery, the battery is placed in a dry place and frost. To keep the surface clean and dry, non-conductive object is placed in the battery. When the demolition of the battery, first shut off the negative line, then cut off the positive line; connect the positive cable first installation, and then connect the negative cable. Because concrete pump electrical systems are negative grounding, which is caused by a short circuit at the battery to prevent disassembly.     ② lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month.     7. anti-rust treatment.     ① before storage, should be considered the outer surface rust paint off the size of the area to determine whether to use way up painting or repainting with the whole approach to repair.     ② concrete pump working device, such as the paver screed, bucket loaders, graders and scrapers, etc., its method of corrosion of metal exposed at the buttering.

Concrete mixer is the cement, gravel aggregate and water are mixed and mixed into the concrete mix machinery. The current use of concrete mixers has been very common, but the demand for concrete mixers is also growing. Concrete mixer machinery industry has clearly become the new darling

Further concrete equipment investment has become a hot investment market of building materials projects, more and more people choose to invest in this new project. Promotion and popularization of concrete equipment technology greatly improves the reform of the building materials industry, and promote the upgrading of wall materials market. Concrete items of equipment have not destroyed arable land, do not pollute the environment, for our economy MATERIALS shortage of energy conservation and construction industries and other issues, played a great help. Because the city is a Commonwealth of geographical concentration of urban population, so it must rely on the development of open and low-cost logistics, traffic, information flow and capital flow. Where concrete injection station house construction and installation works on the basis of roadbed construction engineering, bridge engineering precast concrete or cast concrete box girder box beam, tunnel project requires a large number of high-quality concrete machinery manufacturer to provide complete solutions. These large-scale projects to meet the complex needs of concrete machinery enterprises, will become the new urbanization of the first beneficiaries of the bonus, which can be asserted that the future of the concrete mixer market will gradually picking up.     All in all, there is a big demand for investment, concrete mixer machinery industry, the new darling of this more and more people are bound to have a very good development.

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