For the service, please browse the following Flow Chart: Before the order placed, our sales people will provide service from the basic products information, such as price, technical parameter, policy introduction, etc; After order placed, sales people will send accurate foundation drawing to customers, meanwhile DASION workshop will prepare the ordered products immediately based on the same foundation drawing; After ordered products arrives to customers, customer will finish the foundation exactly fit close to DASION foundation drawing, DASION will send representative to customers’ worksite for guiding the installation and erection, training operators as well. DASION has over 50 oversea salesmen, and more than 1200 after-sale service people. They can help you understand our products clearly and control equipment easily, if that’s necessary, they will also give you a best solution to solve the equipment mistake. Meantime, welcome you communicate with us about the professional concrete equipment technology. From 2009, we bring "Turn-key" solution and service to our customers. For oversea market, our people had gone aboard for installation and commissioning for over 12 times. Welcome you to visit our company in China.

Hot Products

  • Concrete Mixing Drum Concrete Mixing Drum

    1. Concrete mixing tank with Superior performance2. High quality of hydraulic system3. The design of low angle of inclination4. Simple operation and useful application5. Multi types of Chassis Matched

  • Concrete Mixer Truck Concrete Mixer Truck

    1. adopts European modern style2. featuring attractive appearance3. rational structure and stable performance4. different steel materials for different parts of tank body5. Multi types of Chassis Matc......

  • Self-loading Concrete Mixing Station Self-loading Concrete Mixing Station

    1.Equipment Type: Self-loading concrete mixing station2. Model: DS3.53. Productivity: 14m3/hr4. Weight: 7500KG5. Dimension LxWxH: 7.1x2.44x3.3m

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