Warehouse Top Roof Caving Accidents Solution Measures

2012-08-04 08:47:50

According toConcrete batching plant warehouse top roof caving accidents, we had to several of the station, the reform and obtained good effect, adapted didn't happen again after the roof caving and had the accident, and the specific way is:
Installation warehouse top relief valve from the structure to avoid the vibration is damaged or because the blower fault, make dust removal filter caused by blocked roof caving accidents, the proposal is out the manufacturer must be safety relief valve.
In the note material mouth set warehouse top button and vibration material place indicator light or a buzzer particular way is: will the level controls over the changing a signal power supply (the line and program control indoor lights parallel), match a meter box, will be connected to the list box in the signal red indicator light or a buzzer and dust will warehouse top vibrating device or counter blowing device of control switch access list box, by feeding the driver in the receiving player or direct operation.
System security will be operating procedures in place to hang transporting mouth, a clearly defined the feeding the driver to transport powder according to the regulations, the driver for the first person, if appear roof caving accidents, to compensate for the losses. When conveying process powder warehouse on a red light material place, must stop feeding, and feeding in before and after the material after delivering 3 ~ 5 minutes, let warehouse top precipitator vibrator or counter blowing devices work 3 ~ 5 minutes to vibration off or blowing off the cement attached to the filter.

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