Vacuum Block Making Machine Role

2012-11-29 10:44:11

 Vacuum Block Making Machine is suitable for coal gangue, shale, fly ash and clay, such as raw material to produce all kinds of hollow brick. This machine trowel is wear-resistant metal powder spraying technology; Superior mixer shaft, trowel large shaft and the fuselage to uncover her nakedness, etc., are subject to aging, the quenching and tempering, the quenching treatment; Reducer gear are hard tooth surface; The clutch screw press type patent technology, greatly improved the equipment service life. At the same time, the machine is in reasonable design, compact structure, no need to install anchor bolt can smooth operation, can the most greatly reduce equipment operation process for jitter consumption power. Using the equipment technology, can make the saving energy consumption, and has obvious economic benefits and social benefits.
Vacuum Block Making Machine in the work of the noise is low, the power consumption in comparison to save, save the rate can reach forty percent, vacuum Block Making Machine in the automation degree is higher, the size of the brick and the strength of the brick on after set, the equipment in the production of products can not reach the requirement of setting will return to raw materials warehouse, then stir in any material after suppressed, can make the production of products can be guaranteed to get greater guarantee.

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