The Two Patters Of Cement Brick Making Machine

2012-10-22 17:34:39

 Brick making machine, is all production brick and block machine body, mainly divided into vibration molding and hydraulic pressure forming two.
Cement brick making machine is mainly eight panel half automation is given priority to, pressure in 200 tons is appropriate, production commonly used brick 25 x 25 square brick and bread brick market potential is tremendous, mainly is two investment thirty thousand investment can be a small system brickyard, in addition, the equipment is simple and practical, low failure rate, maintenance, simple and convenient operation, four people can all day long production, the main raw material for cement sand stone powder can, on the site requirements is also very low, field production convenient and practical.
Fangyuan semi-automatic brick machine mainly yieldly brick is given priority to, mainly by pressing cement BianDaoZhuan, small road tartar and lawn brick, bread brick, etc. Various kinds of small cement member is given priority to, pressure mode press type, oil cylinder pressure decided to brick machine models, long see for 100 tons, 200 tons and 300 tons of is given priority to, this brick machine operation is simple and convenient, economical and practical is the main characteristic, small investment act fast. Brick machine mostly in sediment, gravel, rain and snow in the bad environment, such as operation, its technical conditions necessary than other mechanical down fast, between parts fit will appear different degree of loose, wear, corrosion and scaling wait for a phenomenon, the connection with nature, parts interaction relation and institutions such as work coordination will be dealt with the influence of different level, if the power performance, economic property and reliability performance index decline, and even cause the machine accident. Therefore, must pay attention to baking-free brick machine technical maintenance. 100-300 tons of brick making machine semi-automatic brick machine. Cement brick machine. Small brick making machine, semi-automatic cement block machine mainly yieldly brick, road tartar, slope protection block is given priority to, easy to operate.

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