Twin - Shaft Concrete Mixer Operation Procedures

2012-08-21 10:27:55

Engineering concrete batching plant, commodity concrete batching plant host system typically use the Twin - shaft concrete mixer, so the concrete mixing standard operation directly related to the whole mixing plant efficiency. Specific operation procedure is as follows:
1, concrete mixer check before use
Sending to press switch, again gathers disconnecting link, check the operation is flexible. Vibrator, roller operation, dial the material stick operation is normal or not. Wire rope in the reel on the winding; The gangue production platform, such as lifting is normal or not. If discover fault, notice electromechanical team processing. Processing, can be used.
2, a feeding may not be too much, and according to the proportion of material, pay attention to water cement ratio. Stir well, a mixing time shall not be less than a minute, normal mixed concrete, should be very thick gruel.
3, fixed specialist boot, the driver should be familiar with the operation system of the action principle, found that the failure to stop the machine immediately to check.
Rinou 4, a shall take good care of, cable to protect good, prevent damage.
5, mixer should cushion flat, hand mixer, blender funnel should stand, in case the funnel when utterly routed hurts.
6, a temporary halt to the rail, shall periodically (every twenty minutes), start mixer, prevent concrete solidification or will drum inside concrete poured out, wash with water drum.
7, concrete casting stop, we shall promptly drum and conversion of mortar rinse clean up. Feed hopper next per shift cleaning time, in order to feed material down to the party rules position, and in appearance with a layer of oil, wait for the next time use.
8, seriously implement the handing-over system, will work machine, concrete mixer cautions explain clearly, etc.

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