Truck Mixer Use The Matters Needing Attention

2012-09-13 09:39:07

1, truck mixer hydraulic system pressure should comply with the stipulations in the instruction for use, and shall not adjust. Hydraulic oil oil and oil should comply with the original requirements.
2, truck mixer loading before, should first row net mix in the cylinder of the remaining water and sundry. In the transport process to keep turning, to prevent concrete segregation. Concrete mixer truck arrived at site and discharge before, should first make mixing barrel at full speed to 14-18 RPM rotational 1-2 minutes, and then to reverse discharging. Reverse before, should make churn stop stability not turn.
3, environment temperature higher than + 25 degrees Celsius, from loading, transportation, to discharge the duration shall not be more than 60 minutes, environment temperature below + 25 degrees Celsius, the above time shall not be more than 90 minutes.
4, winter construction, should earnestly do: before starting the check whether ice; When work seriously eliminate mixed in the cylinder and water supply system in the remaining water, close pump switch, will control level in the "stop" position.
5, in the construction field discharge has been completed, players should immediately with mixer truck takes hose flush into the hopper, a hopper, discharge chute place such as to remove adhesive in the body in all parts of the sludge and concrete. On the way back in mixing plant, should be to churn injection 150-200 l water to clean is simulated and blade bonding concrete residue.
6, every day after work, truck mixer driver should be responsible to churn injected water and high speed (14 - r/min) rotary 5-10 minutes, then to water, to ensure clean in the cylinder. With high pressure water cleaning mixing barrel each part, should pay attention to avoid the instrument and control lever and other parts. Pressure water nozzle and body paint surface, the distance between is not less than 40 centimeters.
7, remove mixing barrel inside and outside product dirt and residual concrete clinker, as well as in overhaul workers into the barrel in maintenance and weld up operations, need to turn off the car engine, make churn completely stop turning. In the mechanical workers into the barrel in the course of work, must guarantee that mix in the cylinder well ventilated, the air is fresh, natural gas and no harmful dust, oxygen supply enough (must not use pure oxygen). In the cylinder used in electric tool operation, the operator must have good insulation protection.
8, work, not reached into rotary mixing barrel inside, it is strictly prohibited to hand in his discharge chute and extended discharge chute connection part, lest produce an accident.
9, shall regularly check the mixing blade wear and timely to repair them and in the new.
10, implement all relevant safety operation specifications. The driver of truck mixer must go through professional training, no qualified certificate shall not mount guard operation.

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