Truck Mixer Market Trend Normalization

2012-09-13 09:42:48

Truck mixergrowing demand, because the urbanization process in China is still far behind the developed countries to the present situation of engineering machinery long-term future development of space. The existing macroscopic policy tightening effect not for a while to the industry development bring fundamental contraction, Chinese eastern and western areas development imbalance and emerging developing countries of the huge demand will continue to pull the industry rapid development. And national security room construction, infrastructure investment and export recovery rate is industry growth indicator. Therefore, China's truck mixer market also has broad space for development, the overall trend in normalization.
A truck mixer, development status
Domestic production truck mixer factory many, the amount of rapid growth, but monomer in small scale, market competition is intense. Regional development imbalances, most large and medium-sized cities (especially the eastern region) serious excess capacity, low profits, r difference; The Midwest and two, three line urban development faster, higher profits, but still face for HuiKuanLv low and lead to cash flow problems.
Second, the truck mixer the trend of future development
Production concentration will be greatly improved, from decentralization to collectivization development; The number shall be given heavier to heavy brand development, pay attention to quality and efficiency; Countries will improve the admittance threshold, strengthen the qualification management, quality and environmental protection requirement will improve; The market is gradually standard, competition order better, profit is low, accounts receivable high will be gradually improved; Concrete enterprise will seek to downstream industry chain extension, in addition to control the upstream sand aggregate resources outside, along with the development of housing industrialization, exercise a will become truck mixer enterprise downstream development direction.
Three, perfecting the truck mixer industry several Suggestions
The competent trade authorities shall study regions concrete industry development planning, and at the same time, strengthen the concrete enterprise in the land, qualification examination and approval, quality control and other link standardization management;
Industry shall be much communication, and strengthen the role of the trade association, and to build up a good market order;
Large enterprises should have the sense of responsibility, actively participate in the development of the industry, regulating the truck mixer market order, and improve the quality of engineering.

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