In Recent Years, Tile In The Development Of Our Country Situation

2012-11-23 10:21:33

 The current our country tile industry and market at home and abroad under the influence of economic situation, appeared a lot of change, industry development change with each passing day, the market changes in weather. This paper mainly reviews the tile industry in China since 2006 with the characteristics of market changes, and the second half of 2007 and later tile industry and the market trends are analyzed in the paper. Tile industry still has maintained a rapid development of a good situation, the output, the output value and profit and compared with the same period last year have varying degrees of growth. Can be summarized, since 2006, China's brick and tile industry development robust, performance outstanding, ever-changing market, abnormal active, conspicuous, review last year Chinese tile industry and market, and its change has the following features:
1) China tile industry has developed rapidly, and the huge market demand that the national tile relation between market supply and demand produced very big change, market supply and demand for overall performance basic balance, but local tile industry and the imbalance of the market are more prominent. From the supply look, as local construction market demand change, tile production changes.
The supply and demand structure remains. From the market demand to see, since 2006 the national tile demand strong, market transaction abnormal prosperous, brick and tile industry boom of the rising. See from the whole market performance, the national tile product sales situation is good, reduced inventory, the price rise. All parts of the country have different tile price increase, so to speak, in the relation between market supply and demand side, China tile industry development has emerged never had the good momentum.
2) national tile market price volume relation produced very big change, tile price rise, all kinds of product or is differ, the industrial structure especially in price or so, gradually to the scientific and rational direction. In the real estate industry in our country under the influence of rapid development, brick and tile industry was gradually pulling, tile market JiSheng price and volume, prices continued to climb, to maintain the high market price.
3) our tile industry fundamentals change happened, the tile industry economic operation quality is good, the enterprise economic benefit increased significantly. Our country tile industry health development, economic operation quality improved significantly and various technical and economic indexes better than usual. New products of good quality, high strength, has a good thermal insulation function products popular city. Increase enterprise economic benefits. The economic type enterprises to increase profits, losses enterprise reduce.
4) tile industry to speed up the pace of internationalization, products (equipment) export increased significantly, the strategy of "going out" wins initial success. Our country tile industry to speed up the internationalization. The internationalization of our country tile industry continues to increase, a number of products and equipment have go out of the country, to go into the international market. Major foreign market is Japan, Russia, Mongolia, southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Tile industry in a few high-grade product production enterprise, based on the product quality, product class are equal to the overseas product with, in the international market in China, especially in the surrounding countries and regions have certain market. Our country tile equipment go abroad to enter the international market to speed up the pace, the domestic key tile mechanical production enterprises to actively explore the international market, already in South Africa, Bangladesh, Vietnam, kazakhstan, Mongolia, Sudan, India and other countries construction the different scale of brick production line, throw ($) factory (which is a choice, and have already produced results.
To sum up, our country tile industry got the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the industry fundamentals a welcome change, tile market although kaleidoscope, disordered follow, in general speaking tile market supply and demand two prosperous, sales rate is higher, and compared with previous years brick general price level rise, the market transaction prosperous, the huge demand driving the price picks up steadily.

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