Three Factors Promote Concrete Plant Market Continues To Boom

2012-09-12 10:52:56

Imitation song dynasty style typeface in concrete plant fruit industry performance is superior to other engineering machinery fruit industry, since this year is a special branch, the main reason lies in: (1) the demand to three or four line city sinks, promote market space growth; (2) the upgrading of products, and promote the market scale growth; (3) sales way included more.
June and three quarter concrete plant market outlook: June won't too bad, but in the seasonal influence, will be more than 5 months down slightly, but link should drop than usual small. 3 quarter is expected to low season is not weak, recent batch of significant projects will produce the econonmy, growth is expected to more than 30%.
Real estate regulation to concrete plant industry influence controlled: by the real estate regulation is the greatest impact a line city, and at present as demand sinks, concrete plant in a line city sales accounted for more than straight down, three or four line city sales accounted for more than rising rapidly, on the one hand, three or four line city real estate regulation by the impact is not big, on the other hand three or four line city concrete plant stock is very low.
The long boom pump for car than ascension, from three factors: (1) to promote human cost rise, site shortage of migrant workers, long car needs less number of auxiliary; (2) long car than short car higher efficiency, long car needs less number of mobile station; (3) the customer competition, promote long car demand.
Dry mortar equipment market is worth attention: broad prospects and mixed business market is very similar, (1) product composition similar, are standing, production equipment, logistics equipment, pumping equipment; (2) development process similar to the 90 s, China began to advocate the developer mix, originally is also depend on the government's policy to promote, now of the dry mix the equivalent of 90 s business mix, now the government began to promotion of dry mortar, in a big city banned the stirring; (3) the dry mixing market capacity equivalent to concrete market capacity of the third - 1/4, our country concrete plant market capacity of 120 billion, dry mixing market capacity of about 300-40 billion.

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