The reasonable integration of concrete batching plant operating points

2013-02-04 11:22:38


Cement warehouse equipment is commodity concrete batching plant equipment indispensable part, all kinds of concrete batching plant is of course is no exception, here we come for your detailed introduce concrete batching plant of cement warehouse equipment related management and features:

Concrete batching plant in the selection of form a complete set of cement warehouse equipment have perfect management system is the premise condition of production safety, then also lies in its management system include which part? Production management responsibility system should be set according to the system optimization and sex principle of arrangement, in professional and technical management is divided into operation, transportation, pumping, electrical maintenance, raw material supply, technical quality, and other professional system, through the system internal professional management chain, clear daily per shift of the responsible persons and limitation of liability.

Responsible for concrete mixer operating personnel less, it must give full play to each person's specialty, loading the driver and batching plant machinery maintenance, drag pump operators and mixing floor mechanical maintenance work and so on, step by step, everyone assumes a specific task, appear urgent problems to solve together, to ensure that does not affect the concrete construction. The characteristics of the cement bin is waterproof, before using should pay attention to when cement warehouse work, must by the special crane set up in advance, and then prefabricated good concrete foundation, concrete batching plant and check cement CangLi up later and horizontal plane vertical degree, and then the bottom and foundation embedded parts welding firmly.

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