The Principle Of Vacuum Block Making Machine

2012-11-30 10:47:23

 1, static seal in the vacuum brick machine sealing is relatively simple and easy to guarantee. Vacuum brick machine of static sealing mainly includes true empty the joint surface, mud cylinder joint surface and mud cylinder and true empty joint surface seal, opening the door and true empty joint surface seal, the superior mixer shaft and lower extrusion shaft, playing argillaceous shaft bearing and true empty joint surface seal, each joint surface connecting bolt and mud cylinder, and the true empty lining ring fixed bolt hole sealing, the lubrication part lubrication device sealing, etc. So many seal pastry, if seal is undeserved, very easy to cause the true empty air leakage, make the vacuum brick machine vacuum degree is reduced, affect its performance and product quality.
2, the joint surface seal, joint surface and true empty container connecting parts of the joint surface to ensure the machining accuracy, make each joint surface contact is good. Assembly, joint surface coated with vacuum sealing glue, and then uniform imprison all bolt.
3, lubrication device sealing (especially the grease lubrication, grease fitting seal) in the design and use process often is ignored. The internal structure of grease fitting is a pressure spring resist a steel ball seal them free, when filling oil gun pressure acting on the ball, forcing spring compression open the oil hole, grease into the lubrication part. Similarly, when the vacuum suction effect in the steel ball, also will force the spring compression, make the air into the bearing.
4, vacuum line system installation vacuum line system, in the condition permission should try to shorten the line length, avoid to turn the corner and branch phenomenon, in order to reduce air operation in the process of the resistance, improve the efficiency of the vacuum pump. Install the fittings, shall ensure that seal effective, no leakage, ensure that the vacuum degree of vacuum brick machine to use requirement.

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