To improve the level of concrete batching plant method

2013-02-27 10:17:14
Concrete batching plant level in our country is low, most of the artificial concrete mixer production operation and time-consuming, same quality must be the lack of concrete mixer, mechanical production take mechanization, not only can improve the production efficiency, speed, and at the same time can be more quality, at the same time can promote concrete mixing equipment standardization level, technical level, in recent years the national government policy support, the support of a certain extent promoted each big heavy industry machinery and other concrete machinery and equipment production enterprise's enthusiasm, so how to improve our country concrete mechanization level it, we will do the following several aspects:
A, enterprises should strengthen the new equipment research and development efforts, and promote industrial upgrading. Enterprise on one hand we should strengthen the new concrete batching plant machinery research and development efforts, and advanced foreign technology manufacturers cooperation and common development. On the other hand to speed up the pace of the upgrading of enterprises, only enterprise structure to the direction of more advanced optimization, it will be possible to improve the degree of mechanization.
Second, the government to increase the enterprise research and development support strength of concrete batching plant. The government should strengthen the machinery production and research and development enterprise support, give some policy and financial support, increase the enterprise to develop new equipment's enthusiasm.
Third, strengthen the mechanical construction of the propaganda. Mechanized construction the economic benefit and social benefit is obvious, we should strengthen the propaganda, the made in construction actively implementing mechanical work.

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