The Difference Between Forced Concrete Mixer And Drum Mixer

2012-09-18 09:15:53

Strong systemconcrete mixer is drum motionless, and by inside the drum rotating shafts of all buy compulsory mixing blade. The concrete mixer mixing are of good quality and concrete uniform ratio, high production efficiency, But power consumption, and the blade wear fast. General applicable to mixing dry concrete. Our strong system concrete concrete mixer blade using the latest materials, and the blade of the inclined Angle adjustment to the best, not only increasing the blade wear resistance, also reduced the blade wear and tear degree, greatly increase the service life of the blade.
And roller concrete mixer and says since the fall type concrete mixer, is to mix in a rotating drum inside, with the rotation of the drum, the drum of the blade in the mixture ascend to a certain height, and then by gravity free sifted down. So going endlessly, until the mix well so far. The general concrete mixer mixing plastic and half plastic concrete.

From the above we can see that, strong system concrete concrete mixer and roller concrete mixer technology investment and production material investment is different, suitable for mixing concrete types are different, the mixing method, production efficiency, energy consumption, service life, etc are greatly different. Warn broad customer follow up their production and living to select concrete mixer type.

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