The Benefit Of The Block Making Machine

2012-09-01 09:15:51

Block Making Machine is to use slag, slag, fly ash, stone, sand, stone, cement as raw materials, scientific compounding, adding water mixing, through the Block Making Machine gave high pressure pressed out concrete Block, hollow Block or color pavement brick mechanical equipment. This kind of equipment also is what people Block Making Machine, that is to say the production out of concrete Block or hollow Block, do not need to sintering, through the short time of air can factory. Say less investment, quick effect, is a lot of more current the investment hot industry, the use of the advantages of Block Making Machine.
In order to protect the limited land resources, for future generations leave a piece of blue sky, the state and local governments issued a number of policy, forbidden traditional wall materials - solid clay brick of continue to use, a large number of growing building wall materials and market blank form bright contrast. Every building is built of brick pieces accumulation and become, clay brick of fade out triggering a revolution with a sieve, heart bricks and makes the revolution, a opportunities and challenges in the revolution, a revolution of wealth. In addition, China has rich fly ash and other industrial waste residue resources, therefore said, set up a baking-free brick tile field, is not only conforms to the policy guidance of a light investment, but also benefits the country and the wise move, enjoy all kinds of government support policies and shall be exempted from taxation preferential.
As a kind of new wall materials, powder brick is to use powder materials mixing, the high tonnage mechanical press forming, reoccupy steam autoclave curing and become. A contrast, the more prominent the charm of new wall materials. And the same output than clay solid brick, with an annual output of 150000 cubic meters of stone powder autoclaved aerated concrete block factory, each year can save land 150 mu, 110000 tons of waste residue powder consumption, save 12570 tons of coal consumption. With stone powder autoclaved aerated concrete block to replace the ordinary solid clay brick for maintenance structure of every square metre building area of heating energy consumption can be saved about 7 kg BiaoMei, and 150000 cubic meters of stone powder autoclaved aerated concrete block can build residential 400000 square metre, every year, heating this a can save energy consumption BiaoMei 2800 tons.

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