The Application Of Horizontal Shaft Mortar Mixer

2012-09-11 09:52:28

Mixer is to mix in a rotating drum inside, with the rotation of the drum, the drum of the blade in the mixture ascend to a certain height, and then mixer by gravity free sifted down. So going endlessly, until the mix well so far. This mortar mixer equipment general mix of plastic concrete plasticity and half.
Horizontal shaft mortar mixer is drum motionless, and by inside the drum rotating shafts of all buy compulsory mixing blade. This kind of mixing equipment mix are of good quality and high production efficiency, But power consumption, and the blade wear fast. General applicable to mixing dry concrete. Belong to lime-sand brick production of mixture mixing equipment, its main solve biaxial mortar mixer and water is not easy to control, stirring force is small, the material easy knot unity bin problem, the machine including planet mixing equipment institution, eddy mixing equipment institution, drum, discharge mechanism, mixing equipment frame and chassis parts, such as, drum in the center of the vortex mixing equipment, in the vortex mixing equipment on both sides of the frame, symmetrical layout have two planets mixing equipment, two planetary mixing equipment for relative rotation, eddy current mortar mixer and drum is reverse rotation, this mortar mixer mixing power, to solve the problems such as unity warehouse.
Cement mixer according to its working principle, can be divided into since the fall type and strong system two kinds big. Since the fall type cement mixer is suitable for the mixing of plastic concrete.
Horizontal shaft mortar mixer mixing effect than from falling mixer strong, appropriate mixing dry concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete.
Cement mixer is the certain proportion of sand, stone, cement and water material mixing into a uniform to meet the quality requirements of concrete machinery. Cement mixer mixing principle according to the different it can be divided into since the fall type and strong system two kinds big.
(1) from falling type cement mixer
Since the fall type mortar mixer mixing drum wall welding have curved blade. When mixing drum winding horizontal shaft rotates, the blade will continue to put the material ascend to a certain height, and then free fall, mutual blending.
(2) the horizontal shaft mortar mixer
Horizontal shaft mortar mixer is mainly according to the shear mechanism of mixture mixing. Mixer are stirring shaft with rotating blade.
(3) continuous cement mixer
Equipped with spiral agitating vane, various materials according to the proportion respectively by continuous weighing feeding into the mixing equipment inside, mixing good cement from the discharge end continuous outward discharge. This mortar mixer mixing time is short, productivity high, its development conspicuous.

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