Concrete batching plant spring maintenance consciousness not slack

2013-02-05 10:21:42


Spring begins was a symbol of a spring bring, but still a heavy snow outside, very cold weather but unabated, the concrete batching plant production is a kind of obstacle is also a threat,
Dasion as specializing in the production of concrete batching plant equipment, cement warehouse storage equipment manufacturers such as condrete mixing station, summarizes the cold weather batching plant equipment maintenance knowledge, for mixing plant equipment user reference.
1, mixing system to fill lube on time, the machine before work will each place empty running again, make material storage transport equipment insulation or heating, antifreeze work.
2, to check concrete batching machine ingredients do you have in the bucket of water, if have, clean up. At the same time the water pump, water tank, pipe of water to eliminate, in order to avoid in the chill is seasonal frost.
3, cement bin as concrete reserve space, also be one of the main equipment for mixing plant, with most of its materials are steel plate, because often exposed to air, easy to corrosion, so want to check cement bin anti-corrosion work, especially check cement bin surface anticorrosion work, see paint besmear is in good condition, thickness and smoothness is qualified.

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