Single - Shaft Concrete Mixer Price

2012-08-28 09:22:06

Single - shaft concrete mixer is JDC sharp improve concrete mixer, concrete mixer is engineering with a series, also known as is JDC series Single - shaft concrete mixer.
JDC series improve concrete mixer model has two kinds: JDC350 improve concrete mixer, concrete mixer JDC500 ascension. So this series mixer range of price according to the type of change floating is not big, but different mixer producers technology and raw materials into different, hand mixer, blender quality is different also, its price is endless also and same. The masses of customers buying when mixer must not only see the price not heavy quality and after-sales service problems. JDC series of concrete mixer ascend the working principle is: mixer based on mixing barrel inside a horizontal position agitation shaft and the connection with the rotation of the stirring arm, the mixing material produce extrusion, shear, impact and circumferential and axial free fall for such complex movement, due to a variety of force and motion function at the same time, so in a relatively short period of time to concrete mixing uniformity. The use of concrete mixer has greatly promoted the development of the construction project.

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