Since the fall type concrete mixer work principle and the matters needing attention

2013-01-17 17:36:59

 Since the fall mixer produced in twenty century, is a concrete mixer drum follow-up development product, since the fall type concrete mixer quiver inside after modification already for agitating vane advanced machinery, in the work, the mixing barrel roll around circular type rotary, join in mixing blade material under the action of up to a certain height by gravity in action nature whereabouts, circular motion that achieve uniform mixing effect.

Since the fall type concrete mixer structure simple, to the requirements of the technical personnel is not very high.
The following technical personnel for you an overview from operation down type concrete mixer's note:
(1) carefully read the instruction, the matters needing attention in mind in mind, in order to avoid when using new unnecessary trouble. Normal use before the appropriate run idle, check the churn or mixing blade rotation direction, the working device operation, brake and confirm the normal, party can work.
(2) in the mixer installation, should choose the flat ground, whether long-term or short-term should guarantee the safety of production.
(3) for some need to dig a pit in the hopper of the mixer, its around pithead should pad high compaction, in case of surface water flows into the pit. Feeding track frame the bottom of the bearing surface should be compacted or tiles, the back of the rack should also use timber to support, to prevent work orbit deformation.
(4) Concrete batching plant start, should make churn to normal speed after feeding, feeding soon after adding water; Add new material must first will mixer original concrete after discharged all can. Not midway stop or full load when starting mixer, reverse discharging except the one.
(5) in the concrete mixer in use, do not make sand fall into the machine parts, lest make moving part stuck damage. Improve the hopper, the bucket down can't someone through or stay, in order to avoid brake failure accidents. As will be in the bucket down for maintenance or fettler, forced outage and the hopper with insurance chain pull up.
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