Concrete batching plant to establish standards and supporting system of what are the facilities

2013-02-01 14:10:15
Construction concrete batching plant construction process in fact is not complicated, concrete batching plant and machinery and equipment, and other mechanical equipment in common is fixed, and then it can be used after.
First of all, batching plant host and feed ingredients system should be based on project period, total daily dosage of concrete, concrete used in configuration, can meet the largest amount of concrete, it is advisable; A mixer and related into batching system into a production line; General engineering can only set up a production line, large and important engineering shall set up two production lines, coordinate arrangement, in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of concrete for the engineering; A project can only have a batching plant, also can according to a district set respectively batching plant, or focus set a large batching plant match again with right amount concrete truck; Specific to actual condition set.
Secondly, sand, dump field area should be large enough, can meet the engineering need, consumption and convenient organization feed supplement; Sand partition stacked, prevent mixing cause concrete grade no; Equipped with loading car feed and sand were stacked neatly; Site to hardening, convenient loading truck loading and prevent dirt and debris into the material inside.
Again, a batching plant with 1-2 a pool of water, and must be able to ensure the concrete mixing and mechanical cleaning required. A production line with at least two adapt to the cement bin, best for three, take turns using timely supplement, meet the needs of the production of the concrete and cement backlog. Large volume and pumping concrete with fly ash and additive is generally required, according to the site condition were placed to ease of use is advisable.
Finally, as for the delivery of finished concrete way, can choose concrete pump mode. The transport mode to can satisfy the delivery distance and height and concrete supply as the basis, the general layout in the blender, connected to the handle before pouring; Can also be arranged in the place near the casting, with concrete truck sent to the pump to.
Layout have above a few points, the rest of the concrete batching plant components can be assembled according to production needs to set up.

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