Roller Concrete Mixer Protection Cylinder Method

2012-11-08 10:06:06

 Roller concrete mixer mixing concrete is in its drum inside to mixing, so roller concrete mixer drum is very important, good protection is indispensable.
This year's winter has come, in the north of the weather has gradually cold, roller concrete mixer in the cold winter also is must, so in this winter how to protect the drum? We will tell you some simple small method.
First of all it's cold in winter, the water easy to ice, ice can stick in the concrete mixer drum wall, to a certain extent, the damage is simulated, so winter avoid guarantee roller concrete mixer drum there is no water. Is not only the water freezes easily, concrete also easy to solidification, concrete setting in the simulated not only difficult to clean up, and if the accumulation of many words, concrete mixer work produce certain effect, so roller concrete mixer every time after work, be sure to water clean up the inside of the rest of the concrete, and timely cleaning. Winter usually will be snow, if not to be roller concrete mixer on indoor words, when the snow will mixer cover, it's fine to clear in time after the snow.
Roller concrete mixer drum protection method so simple, for your mixer longer service for you, move his hands to protect your mixer!

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