Roller Concrete Mixer In The Application Of Cement Concrete

2012-08-17 09:11:39

In the cement concrete mixing, generally USES roller concrete mixer mixing, mixing crushed stone, sand before determination of moisture content, and according to the weather change adjustment the mixture ratio of construction. All kinds of material used in strict accordance with the supervision engineer of the rights of control, with the scale weighing, ensure accurate amount, according to the quality of thousands of permissible error strictly controlled in the range of rules and regulations within: cement plus or minus 1%, plus or minus 3% gravel, sand plus or minus 3%, water plus or minus 1%. In formal mixing before first use a moderate amount of mortar mixing, mixing back abandon, and then according to the provisions of the mixing proportion.
Roller concrete mixer charging order: sand, cement, gravel, feed, stirring, edge water.
Strictly control each plate concrete mixing time, the shortest mixing time (from all the ingredients into the mixing summon up to concrete began to discharge stop continuous mixing time) comply with the requirement of specification, and the longest mixing time not more than three times the shortest time. The mixing process for laboratory technicians specialized responsible for supervision and mixing materials, ensure the quality of cement concrete, laboratory sample making specimen, such as compressive strength test.
Finally, manufacturer remind users every homework finished, will drum concrete mixer residual mixture clean, shall not leave residue.

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