Reduce concrete mixer wear method

2013-02-28 11:36:37
Because concrete mixer wear to bring customers a lot of trouble, different degree of wear and tear, almost will affect the normal work of the concrete mixer, wear is not inevitable, but can reduce the wear degree, how can reduce?
The first is concrete mixer lubrication, need lubrication place has a lot of, add lubricant method and the quantity is different, concrete mixer need timing quantitative change new lubricant, users understand the lubrication technology, guaranteed that concrete mixer lubrication.
Concrete mixer is easier to wear parts have the vibrating screen, agitating vane, surface, churn, how to reduce the wear and tear of these places? Vibrating screen wear key in and vibration bearing, the user must choose high quality bearings, lubrication device to reasonable, often for bearing lubrication concrete batching plant,  Because of agitating vane need mixing concrete, so general wear is more serious, which requires the user and material that should pay attention to avoid large hard object or objects such as wire method churn inside, and often for agitating vane repair; Concrete mixer surface is the possible causes of the wear a tremor, sliding, impact, scratch, rust, etc., which requires the users in the use of attention, to avoid collision, and keep the surface clean, discover rust to handle in time; Churn also often wear, which requires the user when work immediately after the cleaning churn, prevent concrete in churn in solidification.

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