Recruiting Station Attention Of Webmaster

2012-07-31 09:40:20

Recruiting station attention of webmaster
Many concrete providers want to know
concrete batching plant adsense personnel how to choose? Indeed, this must note, head of the relationship between the safety of his duties ZhengZhan personnel, the relationship between the quality of concrete, which indirectly with enterprise production efficiency, enterprise image related. We will tell from mixing station duty webmaster recruitment matters. Mixing webmaster want to have enough organization ability and the ability, and is rich in mixing station operating experience. Specific as follows:
Responsible for the overall mixing station adsense work, the organization site worker seriously study the knowledge of science, mechanical operation procedure, safety rules, engineering quality standard, the company quality documents manual. And strictly according to these regulations for the production. And according to concrete mixing work instruction and the production process flow operation, a serious and responsible work, is responsible for the safety of the station in to be responsible for the quality, to, do the quality first, safety production.
Adsense in preparation for the engineering personnel by the engineering plan carefully organized installation and debugging
concrete mixer, carefully check the quality of the part by whether meet the normal operation of mixer, and the timely maintenance maintenance, make the mixer on time to keep the normal operation after the completion of the assembly.
According to the needs of the project timely webmaster proposed plan and spare parts, make problems timely maintenance after change, and to ensure that project construction for continuous and stable operation, ensure the quality of concrete prompt supply.
Adsense need to make mechanical maintenance plan, organize personnel mechanical maintenance procedures according to regular maintenance, and Ann mechanical maintenance procedures and the quality manual program documentation requirements do maintenance record.
Adsense to arranging regular inspection of the quality of concrete materials, such as: ZhongSha, gravel, cement, and admixture, meet the standard requirement well after the logo. Such as found in the said materials quality problems timely feedback to engineering full-time staff, to be processed concrete production to ensure quality. Arrange the person in the engineering requirement in time, quality and quantity assurance, the safe production and ensure the supply of concrete concrete. Organization of the station to change to the group of construction work, do stand inside the clean health, equipment clean. Indoor the system perfect, the target is complete.

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