Purchase before concrete mixer to understand its classification

2013-01-17 17:49:25

 For mixer knowledge of users on a matter before purchase of equipment, the first to know about concrete mixer is divided according to what type, the more common are according to the drum shape and mixing capacity to carry out the classification, in order to provide reference to more users, small make up here about the concrete mixer respectively according to the shape and the capacity of the classification of knowledge.

Commonly used Concrete Batching Plant machine, it is mainly composed of model code and the main parameters of the composition. If JZ350 said: discharge capacity for 350 l, conical, reverse discharge from falling type concrete mixer.
1, according to the mixing capacity classification
According to the concrete mixer mixing capacity points have large (discharge capacity of 1000 ~ 3000 l) usually have a 1000 l, 1500 l, 2000 l, 3000 l discharge type, medium (discharge capacity of 300 ~ 500 l) usually have a 300 l, 350 l, 500 l.
2, concrete mixer drum shape according to different classification
Cartridge type, double cone, disc vertical shaft and circular groove lie shaft type four. The first two system since the fall type stirring; The latter two for force stirring, force concrete mixer is also the most efficient to improve the predecessors mixer.
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