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2013-02-26 11:15:45
In henan province annually output all kinds of crops straw has more than 8000 tons, raw material supply enough, straw most used as feed and biomass fuel, wide prospect of market, but in the processing link, the equipment is not pass has become the development of the industry short plate, the influence of straw biomass fuel market promotion and industrial growth.
Dasion company's new briquetting machine will completely solve the briquetting machine all kinds of problems existing. Many carries a new energy venture dream in hardware equipment zheji.
Henan province has issued a "about print and distribute henan financial support straw briquette fuel pilot scheme notice, financial support enterprises and individuals make straw briquette fuel processing, but production equipment not pass, the production process, the production of high energy consumption, low efficiency, many private enterprises because earn money, quit.
Prospect is good, is to have difficulty also want to, but can't go foolhardy old way, must carry on the reform of production tools, in order to improve productivity.

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