Overall device introduced compulsory concrete mixer equipment

2013-01-22 11:01:38

Mostly about the introduction of compulsory concrete mixing mixer we will mention its most basic role is compulsory mixer can mix dry hard concrete, semi-hard concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortar. Discharge capacity of 350 ~ 9000L.
Such compulsory mixer mixing device design is very compact mixing system by the transmission system, mixing tank, mixing device, shaft seals and other components. Mixing tank with wear-resistant liner, connected fastening screws with countersunk head with tank liner called the arc of the cylinder portion of the liner, the end face portion of the liner called side liner. The discharge door is located in the bottom of the mixing tube for the discharge of the mixer. Of this article will be forced concrete mixer device to do under a brief introduction.
From another perspective, the the compulsory mixer aggregate movement, can play a role in the stirring and mixing capacity. The stirring arm shaft bolt connection, maintenance performance, easy to replace; leaves and stir arm bolted, and mixing arm has a long hole easy to adjust the blade with liner gap, mixing tank near both ends of the stirring arm , equipped with a side blade, respectively, used to scrape the end surface of the concrete. Stirred stirring shaft is provided with a reverse rotation of the stirring blade, enables the material in ω shaped stirred tank was cross measures the reciprocating cycle of the spiral movement, generate a strong three-dimensional mixing space, especially in the two stirring cycle center at the junction of the formation of a strong vortex, The blending area weightlessness, so that the material in the stirring blade and the material each squeeze, rub, full mixing within a short time;
dasion compulsory concrete mixer advantage:
Compulsory concrete batching plant with a stirring performance, good homogeneity, high productivity, low energy consumption advantages. Energy consumption is low because the apparatus using the principle of instantaneous weightlessness stirred reduced material mutually sliding resistance, difficult to damage the original state of the material, can be obtained within a short period of time macroscopic homogeneous concrete, while the planetary stirring and turboprop stirred without this advantage of their energy consumption is clearly slightly higher.

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