Mortar Mixer

2012-09-11 09:49:17

The description of the mortar mixer
Mortar mixer equipment can meet different performance requirements of the dry powder mortar, powder material, such as dry binder production need. With covers an area of small, less investment, quick effect, simple operation, and many other advantages. Introduction about powder mortar mixer structure characteristics, the rules of safe operation, maintenance and main technical parameters. Special note: due to the mixer for horizontal structure, electric unit part not to install safety protection, rigorous drinking mount guard, so as to avoid the danger!

Mortar mixer's main classification
1. Double screw with horizontal mixer

Double ribbon mixer is mainly composed of a piece of spindle, double the ribbon composition. Two layer ribbon one outside one inside, the direction on the contrary, will push back and forth materials, and finally achieve the purpose of the mixture. Lack of electricity: mixing efficiency is low, the mixing effect is not ideal.

2. Sculls zero gravity mixer

Biaxial blade no gravity mixer technology mainly from Japan and South Korea, more suitable for small material and the proportion of the materials are not mixed. Sculls leaves no gravity mixer drum are installed in the body biaxial reverse rotating blade, blade to overlap shape and developed to a certain point of view, blade rotation and the material into the space flow layer, produce instant weightlessness, mutual fall into each other area, material and mixed back and forth, and in the central form a fluidized weightlessness area and the rotating vortex. Material along the diameter of axle to sports, thus forming all-round combined cycle, quickly achieve uniform mixing.

3. Horizontal shaft mortar mixer

Horizontal shaft mortar mixer technology mainly from Germany, is the large mortar powder production line with the widespread use of mixer, its main characteristic is stirring speed, mixing high quality. Horizontal shaft mortar mixer is mainly from the cylinder body, spindle, colter, holding composition, so as to achieve the purpose of the mixture.

The structure characteristics of mortar mixer
1, the machine for horizontal cylinder, internal and external 2 or three layer spiral belt, has a unique structure, smooth operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, and a variety of agitator structure, fast mixing speed and mixing degree is high. Extensive use of multi-function mixing equipment.

2, in different material mixed requirements (special materials must be every time after mixing needs cleaning), using different spiral band structure, special atomizing liquid, set and have special nozzle. Can heating, dry clamp model. Horizontal body can also be equipped with activity door, in order to for the user cleaning.

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