Mixing process isolation classification causes

2013-02-27 10:13:33
The use of a rotating cylinder concrete mixer if mixing time is too long, may affect the mixing effect, segregating classification causes and prevent.
Dry concrete have segregated hierarchical trend, at this time due to the particle size, shape and density has a certain difference. When a particle moving, can cause sizing.(block making machine)
In the rotary drum concrete mixer, with each group of ingredients in components in when feeding produce the layer, on the other hand with the rotation of the drum, symmetrical rotation produce a nonrandom mixed characteristic curve. Along with the mixing time longer, when various particle characteristic curve and at the same time, and will produce sizing, therefore, in order to avoid to produce automatic classification, tumbling concrete mixer mixing time must be strictly controlled, the use of advanced design V and double vertebral body and asymmetric rotating drum concrete mixer, can shorten the mixing time, improve the quality of mixed, and can limit further separation.

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