Mixer Safety Rules

2012-08-18 10:12:01

1, concrete mixer shall set up in the flat position, with square timber underlay and axle, make the tyre shelf high overhead, lest in start walking occurs.
2, mixer should implement the secondary leakage protection, before going to work, power on, must be carefully checked, the empty running in think qualified, can be used. Test running should test mix drum speed is appropriate, in the ordinary circumstances, the proportion of empty car speed car (charge) faster 2 ~ 3 turn, such as difference of more, should be adjusted traction wheel and the proportion of the driving wheel.
3, mixing drum of the direction of rotation should comply with the arrow direction, such as not real, should be corrected motor wiring.
4, check transmission clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, steel wire rope is damaged, orbit pulley are good, around barrier-free and all parts of the lubrication condition, etc.
5, after startup, often note mixer components operation is normal or not. Stop, often check mixer blade is DaWan, screw ever strike or loose.
6 and when the concrete mixer mixing or expected idle 1 h above, in addition to the excess material out of the net, the application of stones and water into shaking in the cylinder, boot rotation, the viscosity in the cylinder of mortar is rinsed clean entirely after discharge. Material in the cylinder can not have water, in order to avoid cylinder and leaf rust. At the same time should also be clear churn the soot formation, make the mechanical keep clean in good condition.
7, after work and stop need not when, should switch out without electricity, and lock the switch box, to ensure safety.

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