Mixer equipment volume how to choose

2013-03-05 10:40:12
Concrete mixer device in terms of size, the current domestic do 30 cubic. Is hybrid technology and mixed amount of requirements, such as concrete mixer mixing equipment can be divided into experimental 0.05 ~ 0.5 cubic; Production of 0.5 ~ 6 cubic; Batch type 4 ~ 30 cubic;
1, experimental equipment:
Production capacity demand is not high, mainly in the enterprise investment the experiment or experimental production.concrete batching plant
2, production equipment:
Production capacity of the demand is high, mainly for the enterprise investment products, this kind of concrete mixer equipment relative strength design is high, no power requirements, cooperate with other concrete production equipment, including ingredients, automatic feeding, automatic discharge, making a complete set of hybrid production line, the production efficiency is high, the investment is relatively low. According to the production requirements, a set of production lines one or two products, do not need long-term replacement product form, equipment, realize the assembly line, instead of the big production need to choose a big equipment technical requirements.

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