Concrete mixing station material from the silo whereabouts

2013-01-28 10:21:28
Powder at the outlet of the silo is formed arch-shaped or bridge-like deposits, which hinder the downward flow of the material of the above. The discharge channel is formed, which makes the powder can not be completely clear material from the silo. Powder separation and mixture separation, which is for containing materials of different particle sizes or particle density.
Is left in the silo on the narrowed portion of the wall surface of the part of the material. Silo unloading, storage of materials flow characteristics of a great impact on the flow of materials. To select silo several geometric characteristics, such as may be used materials "the whereabouts of the small area to deal with coarse, free flowing, and does not degrade the bulk solid material, and the processing of these materials, the separation phenomenon is not important. This manner of unloading reduces wear on the wall material will not participate in the flow; no need to adopt an inclination the overall height of the silo, a hopper. The characteristics of the materials listed above are not at the same time, the material must be used to the whereabouts of a large area materials. The geometric characteristics of the materials and the structure of the silo has a sufficient inclination, are such that the silo to the roughness of the feed zone is reduced, the formation of a suitable discharge port.
The inclination angle of the silo discharge region must be based on the flow of materials, and to consider the friction angle of the wall surface of the silo. The size of the discharge region must be able to prevent the doming phenomenon: doming phenomenon is generated due to the particulate material between the mechanical obstacles, or generated due to the compaction of the particulate material under load.
This, Dawson concrete mixing plant manufacturers and technical personnel to alert you to the commercial concrete mixing plant material self-gravity of the material discharge is not always feasible; usually need to configure the feeding equipment such as: mechanical equipment, vibration equipment, fluidized equipment.,block making machine

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