The Management Efficiency Of Concrete Production

2012-08-02 09:44:32

Concrete production to market to survive,  management to mixing station to benefit. Mixing manufacturer, Henan DASION Mechanical Installation Co., Ltd in concrete manufacturers to explain concrete batching plant use rules made the following advice when, to ensure the concrete production quality and the safety in production.
1. Mixing station staff should pass strict training, training qualified certificate issued after the mount guard. Mount guard personnel requirements ambition, sense of responsibility is strong, high quality. Plan and organize regular study specialized knowledge, safety knowledge, quality standards.
2. The head of the station shall implement the professional sign of recognition on notice data for feed production concrete, do not get optional change the data, ensure that feed accurate.
3. Improve operating personnel's quality and concrete basic knowledge of learning, and master the basic principle and mechanical operation procedure, it is strictly prohibited to mistake.
4. Modest receive technical personnel, and quality control personnel of supervision and guidance. Cooperate with the specialized technical personnel's work.
5. According to requirements and appear concrete mixing of the accident the seriousness of the staff is punished.
6. Stir mechanical maintenance regularly, and determine the specialist is responsible, to ensure the normal operation of mechanical a continuous work. Before the start of national legal measuring unit should be please to mixing various measuring instruments to monitor instruments verification certificate issued by qualified rear can use. In the construction process of regular check, guarantee the accuracy in measuring and monitoring equipment accurate.

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