Inventory Block Making Machine three devices

2013-01-17 17:58:36


 1. Block Making Machine power and transmission - it provides the machine power requirements and achieve the deceleration. The power provided by the three-phase AC motor, belt drive transmission.
   2, the three groups of the Block Making Machine linkage screw feeder - its role is continuously supplied to the die cutting straw feedstock. After the deceleration of the motor via chain drive and gear drive three sets of spiral complete feed.
   3.    Block Making Machine compression molding device - composed of crank plunger mechanism and blanking die components, three plunger spindle rotation turns straw raw material is pressed into the die cutting and molding. In the straw feed the molding process, the straw raw materials needed electric coil properly heated to soften the lignin in the straw. Straw material under tremendous pressure of the plunger by the adhesive action of softening the lignin, they form a feed pellet having a certain density, and continue to be extruded.

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